I truly need some help understanding something. When you get a reading with A Medium as I’ve said repeatedly on my website, In my sales literature, on my website- whenever you decide to get a reading you have to be open to whatever option happens.  And any valid Medium will ask you not to give… Read More

 Recently on my beloved Baltimore 98 Rock, the asst producer Joe 30 something who lives in the Parkville Baltimore County Area where I live and work out of my beautiful home offices visited a PSYCHIC only.  NOT a Psychic Medium like me.   And recounted his horrific experience on the radio with a Parkville Psychic!!… Read More

Mail from The Other Side? Well this is really weird. I’ve lived here over 11 years. I think I’ve had two pieces of my neighbor’s mail put in my mailbox during 11 years. So today is the 15 year anniversary that my second husband John had his life taken and he left the earth. He… Read More

Here’s a funny one from a little while ago. I hope I’m telling it correctly. If anyone in the family is reading, feel free to add corrections in the comment section. So I was reading for a female I think in her 30s several months ago and the first person that came through was her… Read More

Here’s a very funny validation from a reading this week about a family dog!. The names of course are withheld. All readings are confidential. I was reading for young woman in her 30s who sadly had lost her Mother at this young age. Her Mother came through very strong and with clear and unique messages… Read More