December 7, 2021

I call this one – You Can Call Me Handsome. I have permission to share this snippet from an animal Communication reading. If you’re not aware, I offer 30 minute phone Animal Communication Readings currently priced at $60 and part of the proceeds goes to an animal charity of my choice. I connect through photographs that are text messaged to me in advance of the reading. The beloved pets can be on earth or no longer on earth – it doesn’t seem to matter. And the reading can include 1 to 4 animals. I find the animal communications fascinating! Some of them are better communicators than the human’s off Earth.

Anyway Rudy left the earth recently this year from an illness. He was very loved and well cared for while here on the earth. And quite to my surprise, the minute I tuned in with him, He said you can call me ‘Handsome’! So that’s what I communicated to his pet mom and she validated that she always called him ‘Handsome’! Which I found very interesting and endearing, as I can’t recall any other animal preferring to be called a nickname much less being called Handsome! So Handsome it was! (Part of the reason she used this name was because Handsome eventually had to have his eye removed due to his illness and she wanted to reinforce to him that she still found him very handsome). So Handsome Rudy went on to tell me about his life here including his love of going in the vehicle everywhere with his pet mom. He was one of four dogs when he was here on earth. And he was also explaining that he was with a man named Robert on the other side who she identified as her father. I can’t remember everything else Handsome said as I rarely recall readings in detail but I thought I would share part of the reading. We also Communicated with three other Beloved pet dogs. It was a very heartwarming reading and very emotional. And had a lot of unique validations within it as these animal communications surprisingly do contain. And I was quite pleased later that evening to receive wonderful feedback listed below from the person regarding how much they enjoyed their reading – which they also said I could share. Anyway I know I’ve shared lots of human readings over the years but this is the first animal reading that I’ve shared publicly. Please text 410-440-5538 if and when you’re interested in an animal communication reading. Have a great day and this reading made my day.

Review- I thank you with all my heart for the amazing reading you gave me this heart is at peace with my beloved dogs..God truly blessed you with a wonderful gift❤