Messages from Your Beloved Pets
On Earth Or Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge

Or a combination – As the session time allows. Includes dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more.  

KC Lane started out in 2004 as an animal communicator. She has put this skill on hold for many years to pursue connecting to humans as a Psychic and Medium but recently feels a calling to start using her telepathic animal communication skills again. And to donate part of the proceeds from the Animal Readings to various Animal Charities of her selection monthly.

Accordingly starting January 2021, KC will be using her amazing telepathic (animals communicate telepathically) skills to communicate both on the Earth Plane and off it to deliver messages to you from your beloved pets and to allow you to connect into their thoughts also to potentially ask questions and receive responses!

Animal readings, the same as human readings, can be both enlightening, entertaining and healing. Many times, currently your beloved fur and other animal friends will show up on The Other Side with Human Loved Ones during Mediumship Readings but not communicate in detail.

So due to demand, combined with Divine Inspiration, KC decided to offer a product that caters exclusively to more detailed Animal Communication along with continuing to offer her other psychic medium and property clearing products.

Please note, KC does not need to be physically present to connect into your animal’s thoughts and feelings or to find out what they are up to on The Other Side, the same as human phone and video readings. However, the following prep work will be needed for animal readings to help facilitate the connections.

30 Minutes – Phone Only

  • $100 Rate – a portion will be donated to an Animal Charity of KC Lane’s Choice Monthly from all Animal Readings
  • Format: Over the Phone
  • New and Returning Clients will pay the same rate
  • Feel free to record via a call recording app for your private usage but this is private session with only you and your pets if desired in the room with you if they won’t be too distractive.
  • Or self paying via Venmo, ApplePay CashApp Zelle or PayPal.
  • Self Payment is due at least an hour prior to time of session. Or you can conveniently pay directly at the time of the call via debit or credit card.
  • Or you can request an electronic invoice emailed to your 72 hours in advance to pay on your end by debit or credit card.

Set Up

Please be prepared 24 hours prior to your session to text:

  • a photo of each of your beloved pets you would like to include in your session (up to 4)
  • their first name(s)

Please only send one photo per pet and try to send a photo that only includes their image if possible. It is encouraged to include at least 2 pets in case one of your pets isn’t overly conversive on the day of your session.

KC will use this information to tune in and connect with your beloved pet. If you know when they were born, she can also conduct a numerology profile for you on your pet if desired.

It is helpful to have a list of specific questions you would like to ask your beloved companion(s) ready for your session once the connection is made if desired or you can let them do the ‘talking’.


It will vary animal to animal and session to session but this format is intended to allow the guardian to interact with the pet and set the agenda for questions and answers (minus prohibited topics) once the connection is established OR just listen to what your beloved pet has to say, or both!

The guidelines will follow the same format as a human mediumship reading as the beloved pet will participate or not but so far all the pets seem eager to communicate and many provide (the same as humans) unique and verifiable data about your life AFTER they left Earth, or who they are with on The Other Side or just send thank you messages. It varies but IT IS ALWAYS INTERESTING!   


  1. KC cannot handle medical questions for pet companions still on the Earth as she does not have a medical license.
  2. KC is not using this format at this time for locating lost pets.
  3. KC will not be making attempts to connect to your human loved ones off Earth during this type of reading. Please sign up for a private psychic medium reading if your desire is to connect to your human loved ones off the Earth.
  4. Only the phone format will initially be supported.
  5. The returning client discount for a psychic medium reading will not be extended to clients booking an Animal Communication Reading who have not previously booked a psychic medium reading with KC Lane.  The reason is the discount is to allow for the fact that the new psychic medium client overview of up to 15 minutes of time is not needed for a returning psychic medium client.  It would be needed for a client who has only had an Animal Communication Reading with KC Lane for her to read effectively with the client.