Data Privacy Policy

Being a Medium and Psychic is basically very unregulated.  Please use caution regarding the caliber of people you engage in doing business with in this industry accordingly.  KC Lane does self regulate data privacy.  Most practitioners don’t and many will sell your data.

Client Data.  KC Lane does not track or share data about you other than what is required if you have a session or group event to track the total amount of payment so taxes can be paid.  And even then only the cell number, type of event, location, and total payment is recorded and stored for 7 years.  No full names or other data is associated with the transaction.  KC Lane does not share her client list.  She rarely even knows a client’s full name, as she works with first names only in order to allow the client to maintain anonymity.  And to avoid the appearance she is researching clients in advance of sessions.  (KC Lane will take a lie detector test is anyone want to pay and set it up that she has never researched any client in any way FYI.)  She will not confirm or deny who is or isn’t her client to an another client or outside party.  If you book back to back and allow the other party to sit in on your session, KC cannot control the privacy of your data.

Session Data.  She does not record or take notes (although a common practice in the industry) about your session but does allow you to audio record within certain guidelines explained when you book a session.  She will however from time to time share amazing validations of unique and verified data sent from Loved Ones across dimension to their Loved Ones on Earth through her mediumship sessions with her followers or in printed media, as proof of life after life on Earth.  No names or identifiable data will be used.  She commonly does not even recall sessions in detail (common in the industry).

Email Addresses. Email addresses used by clients asking for information are discarded unless the email owner gives consent to join KC Lane’s non shared email list (and possibly win a free 30 minute phone psychic medium reading per her monthly giveaway).  KC Lane does currently use a secured site called Constant Contact to stored email addresses ONLY and does generally send 4-6 emails to this approved list of email recipients per year.  It is NOT a shared list and only she has access to it.   No name or other info is tied to your email address.  You can unsubscribe the list at any time by texting 410-440-5338 and asking to be removed or using the link on the email.  She does use a Virtual Assistant who has signed a confidentially agreement to input the data.

Phone Numbers. Phone numbers are used for giving out information about her services or processing appointments unless the client has confirmed and then no-showed an appointment without apology or explanation then it will be used to block the person from blocking future services, as explained during her booking process.  Once blocked even if KC is contacted via a non text format, KC will not respond as she rarely blocks anyone and only for disrespecting her in some way intentionally during the appointment reconfirmation or delivery process.  If you repay her lost revenue from reconfirming and then no showing an appointment, she will unblock you.  To date since she started charging in 2014 nobody has come forward with the integrity to pay for a no-show.

Facebook.  If you friend KC Lane, she does hide her friends and followers list.  She could change this status to public without notice but has no plans to do so at this time.

If you use her FB to post about your or any other person’s competitor type services or solicit her friend’s or followers, the info will be deleted and you will be blocked.  KC has spent years building her page.  Others need to do the same.  It is very impolite and unprofessional to piggyback into other people’s pages in this manner.

Text Messages.  Text messages are used to track appointments but are discarded once the appointment is completed.  Generally within 7 days or requests for information which did not result in an appointment are deleted after a follow up text.

Payment Data.  All debit credit card payment data is entered directly into SQUARE or PayPal via KC Lane’s secure IPHONE if you do not elect an emailed electronic invoice for card processing.  The data is not recorded nor does anyone have historical access to it once encrypted and processed by the SQUARE or PayPal app.

Reviews.  If you negatively review KC you give up your right to privacy as KC will need to state facts about you and your session or event to rebuttal the review if necessary and as appropriate.  Although rarely necessary, as KC has only received a handful of negative reviews out of thousands of sessions since 2006.  And generally by individuals she refused to read for valid reasons and they retaliated with negative false reviews and sometimes even engaged their ‘friends’ to post negative reviews, even though she never met or read for these people in many and most cases.

There are data services you can engage as a business owner to pay to remove negative reviews (or click farms to generate false LIKE counts) but KC Lane believes these services are unethical and will not engage their services.  So be cautious of businesses without any negative reviews because as hard as you try, you can’t please everyone all of the time.  And be cautious of businesses with too many LIKES on Facebook and no venue to rate services.   And also realize they are still laws against lying about someone in writing.  And karmic ramifications.

You agree to these terms when you book an appointment, or event with KC or even inquirer about her services


Philosophy – Ethics & Integrity

For many years, I worked in technical corporate jobs where the company would post their philosophy. After managing my business full time since June 2014, I think it’s time to put out my first iteration. The experience has been thought provoking.  Update July 2020.

  • Leave the world a better place than I found it.
  • To never develop an ego about being called to service on the Earth as a medium and psychic, even though only 1 person in 1 million is a Medium.
  • To treat all clients with respect and to expect respect back in return.
  • To always give 100% to each type of service I offer.
  • To not take on group sizes for Group Mediumship Events whereby I do not feel I can attempt to give each client a unique message from a recognizable loved one (so far 99% successful) unless disclosed in advance and a fund raiser.
  • To never research a client in advance.  To reply only on information received from My Guides or The Other Side during a Reading and to understand I cannot always be 100% right 100% of the time, no matter how hard I try, and that’s OK no medium or psychic has this ability.  My 80% on average track record is a good outcome, all things considered.
  • To try my best to keep my commitments and to minimally move appointments around only when necessary. (so far less than 10 times in 10 years.)
  • To never misuse a client’s personal data or share their personal data.
  • To comply with the law in Maryland which precludes a psychic from addressing health issues or accusing anyone of a crime based on psychic data alone.
  • To comply with my personal standards of ethics and never predict a soul’s departure from the earth dimension to its next level of existence.
  • To do my best although I am not a therapist to identify clients who would benefit from therapy and suggest therapy to them when I feel appropriate.
  • To continue to hold my personal and professional life up to the highest level of ethics and integrity.
  • To not read for clients who are extremely uncomfortable with the process and not ready for a reading.  Please wait or do not book if you are skeptical, feel you can’t be respectful or just don’t feel ready.  Readings aren’t for everyone.  Never force anyone into a reading.  If unable to approach a reading with an open heart and open mind, you probably aren’t ready.
  • To never upcharge from the agreed upon sum of money to be paid for the session, even if I run the clock time over (although tips for personal service services are always appreciated when inspired to tip and are not expected or necessary).  Nor do I allow others to upcharge for my services without agreeing in advance to the amount and the arrangement.
  • To limit the number of readings I conduct daily so each client receives a high quality session.
  • To never read for a new client in a group or one on one session until I have set proper expectation of what I can and can’t deliver and what I can and can’t control during a reading.
  • To leave this field although there are only a handful of mediums in the State of Maryland (and they theorize 1,600 on the entire planet) if I ever feel I am no longer helping people heal, or enlightening them and or entertaining them with the sessions.  Only 1 in 1,000,000 is a trained medium.   I will know when it is time to retire.  It will not be based on some random mean spirited negative review as all public figures will be subject to mean spirited people from time to time in today’s world, but it will be when I no longer feel up to the demands of the job.  This is an extremely demanding job on all levels.  And when Spirit stops sending me all the wonderful clients who fill my inbox daily.
  • To keep my prices reasonable and never to be consumed by greed. (My prices are well below the average cost per hour for a medium of my experience FYI)
  • To know and trust The Universe The Creator will provide for my needs, as has always been done heretofore even though most of my life I have lived a very humble lifestyle.  I have always had enough.
  • To share what I can with other’s in greater need.
  • To send healing energy daily to those in need.
  • To never take this all for granted and to give thanks daily for all the blessings in my life, although I have seen some very difficult times as have most of my clients.
  • To always give back.  Out of gratitude for my husband’s April 11 2017 life saving liver transplant, KC Lane Enterprises is adopting Organ Donation Awareness and The Georgetown Transplant Program as corporate fund raising charities.  Out of gratitude for the transplant, both my husband and I are not only donating organs when we transition off the Earth if able but will also donate our physical shells, our bodies in this lifetime, to further medical science.  I am also participating in an NIH Yale University Study to further the body of knowledge regarding Mediums and how the brain is wired to help cure mental illness potentially.