CONTACTING THE OTHER SIDE in a Group Setting 2 to 5 People  Your Own Private Talking to Your Loved Ones Mediumship Gallery – Via ZOOM Online! The Wave of the Future Now.   Special December 2020 Pricing!!

Please be 18 years of age and older and familiar with the tool Zoom before requesting this format.

The Zoom tool is easy to install and use but KC Lane does not provide technical support.  This tool is widely used in today’s remote world though.  You can use your smart phone or a workstation.  .  You can be responsible to record with Zoom tools or not (assuming you have permission to do so at your device level – employer device’s restrict).

This fascinatingly interesting format would be:

  • Building Energy
    • through an overview of how mediumship works
    • And how the Other Side typically communicates,
    • a little about KC
  • Delivering Messages
    • And the remainder of the time would be delivering messages from loved ones to participants.
    • You must be open to the Loved Ones the Guides select for you.
    • The Guides usually will take requests once you honor their line-up.
    • No connections are ever guaranteed (by any valid Medium). Or specific messages but is fascinating to see who shows up!!  And what they will convey!

Please note:  This is not a one on one private psychic medium reading.  See Individual Readings.  No individual psychic information is included. It is a group format.  This is also the only format I ever offer where I read two or more people simultaneously all together in a group setting.  I don’t think any psychic reads multiple people’s futures simultaneously although many people ask for this service?  I can’t even envision how that would work to be honest.  You can  however book back to back 2 private sessions in certain situations but private psychic medium readings would be conducted separately except a mediumship group.  I hope this makes sense.  

Other Details

  • Prepaying is required by time of reconfirmation 72 hours out.   ApplePay, VenMo, PayPal or Electronic Invoice to pay via debit or credit card.
  • One person would be responsible to be the administrative coordinator and handle payment and the invitee info for the Zoom link once the event is paid.
  • A Zoom link and password would be provided for each participant from 2 to 5 people after reconfirming and prepaying for the event 72 hours in advance.  Galleries do need to be booked at least a week in advance of the delivery date due to administrative set up issues.
  • The format is always one 60 minute plus up to a 15 minute set up time regardless of number of participants.  Zoom set up tasks are not included in this timeline.
  • The base cost is $180 for the two participants during December 2020 (usually $200).
  • Up to 3 additional participants can be added for an additional $40 each in December 2020 (regularly $60).
  • In December
    • 2 ppl = $200
    • 3 ppl = $240
    • 4 ppl = $300
    • 5 ppl = $360
    • I generally will run groups of 4 and 5 ppl over a little bit in time.  

Hosted Group Event Types – On Hold Until Further Notice

KC Lane offers TWO types of group psychic medium readings at your location:


  • A group mediumship gallery style (no psychic information) from 8 to 20 people delivering messages from your Loved Ones from The Other Side in a Group (Circle) Format
  • Free hosting session with 8 or more paid attendees within the 15 mile travel radius from my home in Parkville Baltimore County Maryland.
  • Price is $45 each cash.  April 15 2020 $50.
  • Length of event will vary base on participants but generally 8 to 10 people 90 minutes, 11 to 15 people two hours, 16 to 20 people 2.5 hours to maybe 3 hours maximum usually  Times are estimates.
  • Travel radius 15 miles from Parkville or travel fees or other stipulations apply.
  • No winter month bookings December 15 to April 15.
  • All attendees desiring a reading are pretty much guaranteed a reading from one loved one (sometimes more), based on historical outcome of over 1000 over group events conducted by KC Lane assuming they are open to the process, respectful to the process and not impaired.
  • No up-charging for my services is allowed unless a charity event and agreed upon by me in advance.
  • Starting April 15 2020 I am asking for events to be alcohol free please.

30 Minute Sit Down Private One on One Private Psychic And/Or Medium Energy Life Path Reading

  • A group of 8 to 10 individual private one on one sit down *30 Minute psychic medium card readings – free hosting session with 8 or more paid attendees. 
  • As of October 1 2019 the rate will be $80 cash only.
  • Travel radius 15 miles from Parkville Baltimore County Maryland or travel fees or other stipulations apply. 
  • No winter month bookings December 1 to April 15. 
  • *Please note, I no longer offer new clients 30 minute private one on one readings other than in the group format. And my current rate for a new client at my home or over the phone is a required 50 minute session $130 as of October 1 2019.  Accordingly my 30 minute rate for a group session is now $80 each starting October 1 2019. I realize that rate has changed over the years (2006) for people that I’ve read for since that time, but all things have changed in pricing. And I am full time in this field. When I had a high paying corporate job also, I use to donate all the money to charity.  Now I need to live on it. Thank you for your understanding.  
  • No up-charging for my services is allowed unless a charity event and agreed upon by me in advance.
  • Starting April 15 2020 I am asking for events to be alcohol free please.

Hosting a Gallery PDF Hosting a Private Readings Group Event PDF

How to Book a Group Psychic Medium Event – On Hold

Thank you for your interest in booking a group event! Group events can be a great excuse to get together with friends and family. KC Lane greatly appreciates all group bookings and referrals.

KC Lane books group events generally only on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays and within 15 miles of Parkville Maryland zip code 21234.

No winter month bookings December 15 to April 15 annually.

*Weekend card reading groups start 2pm.

Weeknight groups generally need to end by 9pm.

Gallery start times on weekends are 2pm, 5pm or 7pm.   Friday night galleries start 7pm.

I no longer travel on rural roads in the dark.  So start times are location dependent.

If you would like to know if KC Lane would travel to your location, please ask. If the event takes place more than 15 miles from zip code 21234, a minimum headcount will be required and/or a travel fee will be added to each participant’s fee (usually $5). Free hosting sessions may or may not be able to be offered. In some cases, prepayment by attendees is required.

Please take into account your parking and seating arrangements also when setting your group size.

Your Own Private Gallery – On Hold

KC Lane also offers small group private gallery sessions, which include contacting the other side, providing message from loved ones who have passed.  This event takes place at KC Lane’s beautiful Parkville home session room 9008 Hour Glass Ct. Parkville MD 21234.

  • 2 participants: 60 minutes for $180.
  • Add up to 3 more participants (a total of 5) for $60 more per participant.
  • Usually 5 to 10 Loved Ones show up for this type of event!
  • Payment methods cash no processing fee.  Apple Pay, PayPal, VENMO or debit or credit with $5 processing fee.
  • One hour event including always a 12 minute on average overview of how I work with The Other Side while I build into energy.  Once the connection opens, the remainder of the time is spent on delivering messages.
  • You must be open to the Loved Ones the Guides select for you.  The Guides usually will take requests once you honor their line-up.  No connections are ever guaranteed (by any valid Medium).
  • If you would like to customize a group of 6 or 7 people, please ask.