KC Lane currently offers gift certificates to purchase a private reading for an individual.  Or for an Animal Communication Reading.  Or Group Mediumship for 2 via Zoom or In Person.

The cost is based on the status of the recipient being a new or a returning client (not the purchaser) for an individual private psychic medium reading. 

New clients are limited as of April 1 2019 to booking 50 minute sessions only for private sessions via phone, virtual (Zoom, iPhone Only FaceTime ) or at KC Lane’s home office in Parkville Carney Cub Hill Baltimore County Maryland.  The recipient must be 18 years or older.  A new client overview is included, including KC Lane’s fascinating explanation as a renowned Medium since 2006 and former professional analyst of almost 40 years as to the  Who, How, What and Where of After Life Communication patterns before the first reading.

In order to issue the gift certificate, please text 4104405538  request a gift certificate and:

  1. Specify the type of product being purchased – please see Services Tab for pricing or ask for assistance.
  2. Also Specify the status of the recipient (new or returning client) for private psychic medium sessions.  Not applicable for Animal Communication Readings or Groups of 2.  If returning client  for a private session please specify if purchasing 30 or 50 minutes.  KC Lane no longer sees 30 minute clients in person only phone or virtual.   In person sessions take place on weekends only and do require a mask if the client is not vaccinated please.  Otherwise optional.  
  3. Specify the first name at minimum of the recipient,
  4. Specify the first name at minimum of person(s) giving the gift certificate,
  5. State the occasion if applicable,
  6. Select method of payment
    • CashApp $KCLANEPsychicMedium
    • PayPal PayPal.Me/KCLane (4104405538) and reference Gift Certificate purchase.  Text KC also and alert her.
    • ApplePay start text and tap amount into text once you are at the payment point with KC Lane 4104405538
    • Zelle 4104405538  Truist KC Lane Enterprises
    • Venmo – @KC-Lane NO NUMBER after my name.  And NO PHOTO just my logo.  There are multiple KC-Lane with numbers behind them now.  I was the first.
    • Emailed Electronic Invoice – Provide an email to send the invoice if paying via debit or credit card
    • Please use the reference area for self payments to reference Gift Certificate Purchase and reference the last 4 digits of your cell number please to tie payment to purchase.
    • Use caution as always when self paying as I can not fix or accept liability if you misdirect to the wrong payee.  No payment recipient will as we cannot fix your error.
  7. Specify deadline if applicable. If you have a deadline, please state and KC Lane will work towards the deadline.
  8. Specify your email to use for receiving the email.  Once completed, your certificate will be sent through email for you to print, review and distribute to the recipient.

Gift certificates are good for one year from date of issue.  They are insulated from price changes for the term. Non compliance with confirming or showing up for appointments will void the gift certificate.  They typically take 48 hours to process from once payment is received and processed.  Gift Certificates are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.   Your information will not be used for any purpose other than processing the order.