To Mediumship Clients.  How long should I wait to get a reading after a close loved one has left the Earth Dimension?  Non Child Usually a few months.   *Loss of Child 12 Months +. 

A Medium can not be given info in advance, as you need to open to the outcome of the session although it generally works out 80%  based on over 16,000 readings since 2006 and her 5 Star Ratings IF

  1. YOU HAD A BOND OF LOVE WITH THE PERSON – Family, Friend, Love Relationship
  4. And the timing is right.  See below. 

But the Medium nor the Client controls exactly who comes through in a session that meets that criteria.  How long they stay.  What they want to communicate.  How well they communicate because it varies widely.

Is it time?  If not, kindly wait until you are more ready and then book your session.  

  1. If you are not yet in the Acceptance Stage of Grief of the Loss and feel anger still over the loss, it is not time.
  2. If you cannot be open and satisfied with whomever comes through to you during a Reading or not, it is not time.  Up to and including trying to give the Medium info they repeated asked you not to give them to try to control outcome.  
  3. If you are obsessing on one outcome and attempting to control to that outcome and will be unhappy hearing from other loved ones, it is not time.
  4. If you are not fully functional from grief and depression, it is not time.
  5. If the loss occurred less than 3 months ago, please give them time to settle.  It is not usually time. 
  6. *If the loss is child and less than a year has past, if it not time in my opinion.  Other close losses a few months. 

*Special Note To Parents Who Have Lost a Child OR Third Parties Considering Booking a Session with or for them.   First of all, KC Lane is deeply sorry for your loss and extends heartfelt condolences to you and your loved ones. This is the hardest loss of all and requires the help of professionally trained mental health professionals to navigate, especially the first year.  No Medium can cure your grief no matter how good the reading or Medium unfortunately.  Please wait at least a year and after you have had professional grief counseling before seeking the services of a Medium.  Please allow yourself some time to heal.  A private one on one reading is suggested for this type of loss.  Or the presence of other family members only. And other well meaning friends and loved ones, please do not ever push a parent into a reading because you had a great experience especially if it wasn’t the same type of loss.  

What platform works best for a Medium Session?  Here is the number one question I get asked all day long as I work in three different platforms.
   Phone, virtual, in person – all the formats work equally as well.  I actually prefer phone because I’m not distracted by visual data but I realize clients like visual so I cater to all three markets, but I’m just as successful in all platforms.  I price them differently because of the amount of logistics involved in the appointment being different.                             In my professional opinion, the platform used phone, virtual, or in person, is less of a variation in the quality of the output as other factors. Such as in mediumship the connections are NEVER guaranteed by any valid, medium AND will vary as I state in all my              pre-sales literature, post sales literature when they occur.   And most of it has to do with the client, not The Medium.    I would sincerely question any medium that guarantees you they can connect you to a certain person on the other side.  However 80% of the time the loved ones who want to connect in are probably the same loved ones that you chose in your heart before you started the session to want to hear from during the session.                     The connections vary even person to person when multiple people are coming through within one session in terms of strength of connection, the communication skills reflective usually of their Earth Communication persona  of the person on the other side using the tool sets available to them, the respectfulness of the recipient in working with The Medium (and prior valid mediums because once you disrespect a valid medium working for the other side even during appointment handling (( I have 555 people blocked in my phone from Jerking Me Around With appointment setting)) you get blocked by the Guides who don’t deal with fools and then it’s very perplexing to a really great Medium when they’re unable to read a person and unaware of that history although sometimes I feel sort of a energy hard shell around the person, and I can determine they probably fall into this category if I’m having difficulty reading them when I don’t normally have any difficulty reading people assuming what I’ve said, in the guidelines FYI), and working towards validating or letting The Medium know they do not know the answer rather than saying I don’t know the answer and can’t validate information and researching it off the clock as I say and not intentionally obfuscating the data.                                I was on a zoom session recently with an elderly woman and we were just getting set up and having a few issues on her end.   I was trying to help her although I’m not obligated to do so I just have a strong technical background and I asked when was the last time she successfully used Zoom on this computer?  And she responded. My husband used it yesterday for Zoom and it was fine.                            I’m thinking in my medium brain That’s interesting because I’m pretty sure your very long term only husband is in line on the other side Waiting to come through. It was before I even connected into the zoom session I felt this person waiting as happens sometimes anymore.      So I’m thinking she doesn’t want her a husband connection.  I am wrong and I bypass the person. But that’s exactly who she wanted to connect in with but caused a lot of confusion and waste of her time and money in giving me that intentional wrong response.                  I went back and let him into the line but he should’ve been first.     Her time was very short then with her husband.   You should never give information to a medium they are not asking for you to validate but you should never intentionally mislead them unless you want your reading skewed. Which does happen.   Particularly with Skeptics.       Other variations occur in the length of time the communicator on the other side will stay in connection, how well the group on the other side is sharing the connection when more than one person shows up, how long they’ve been off of our earth dimension, how they left the Earth dimension in some cases, your relationship to the person, how healed the recipient is of the situation and not carrying anger towards the person on the other side, (which frequently gets vented at a medium) which is one of the main stages of grief, sometimes.                      Which is why you should allow yourself time to heal before you rush to a medium, because your loved ones sense how you feel in my opinion.  And just like on earth if you’re extraordinarily angry at them, they may not be as anxious to connect in yet.   Would you???                                 Other factors – How frequently the person I’m trying to get the data for knew the person on the other side, AND still thinks of them frequently, and in a kind away and speaks of them in a kind away affects outcome.   This is HUGE!!!    Would you be anxious to meet up with somebody who hadn’t thought of you in Years or you didn’t have a good bond with on Earth?  And you hear them bad mouthing you? Because they do hear you.    Which is why they say do not speak ill of the dead ( I would add especially if one day you want to connect to them through a medium although I never call anybody ‘dead’ because no one is ever really ‘dead’ ) .          .                   The last 2 things I said seems to be the main factor in a good connection.                           I make no guarantee of any outcome, as I am just the receiver of the data – translator and interpreting the information to give the messages to the client from a very complex visual, and thought process form of communication with people who have left earth.     But there’s a reason I am five star rated mostly.  So the platform is less important than all of the above.  In my 20 years of experience.

Why Will KC Lane decline my mediumship reading IF I (or others on my behalf) submit info prior to the reading indicating who the client is trying to reach on The Other Side?

The Medium nor the Client controls the outcome of a mediumship session.  Although KC Lane has a high success rate in satisfying mediumship clients going into the reading without any knowledge of their desired outcome, she works through High Level Guides who control the final ‘guest list’.  Any client seeking a reading with any Medium needs to be open to any outcome when seeking the services of a Medium.  The client cannot command and demand an outcome.  A Medium cannot guarantee what a Medium does not control.  It is also makes it very difficult to read if given information prior to requesting the validations.  A lack of openness also generally indicates the client might not be emotionally ready for a reading, in KC Lane’s many years of experience.

Data Privacy Policy

Being a Medium and Psychic is basically very unregulated.  Please use caution regarding the caliber of people you engage in doing business with in this industry accordingly.  KC Lane does self regulate data privacy.  Most practitioners don’t and many will sell your data.

Client Data.  KC Lane does not track or share data about you other than what is required if you have a session or group event to track the total amount of payment so taxes can be paid.  And even then only the cell number, type of event, location, and total payment is recorded and stored for 7 years.  No full names or other data is associated with the transaction.  KC Lane does not share her client list.  She rarely even knows a client’s full name, as she works with first names only in order to allow the client to maintain anonymity.  And to avoid the appearance she is researching clients in advance of sessions.  (KC Lane will take a lie detector test is anyone want to pay and set it up that she has never researched any client in any way FYI.)  She will not confirm or deny who is or isn’t her client to an another client or outside party.  If you book back to back and allow the other party to sit in on your session, KC cannot control the privacy of your data.

Session Data.  She does not record or take notes (although a common practice in the industry) about your session but does allow you to audio record within certain guidelines explained when you book a session.  She will however from time to time share amazing validations of unique and verified data sent from Loved Ones across dimension to their Loved Ones on Earth through her mediumship sessions with her followers or in printed media, as proof of life after life on Earth.  No names or identifiable data will be used.  She commonly does not even recall sessions in detail (common in the industry).

Email Addresses. Email addresses used by clients asking for information are discarded unless the email owner gives consent to join KC Lane’s non shared email list (and possibly win a free 30 minute phone psychic medium reading per her monthly giveaway).  KC Lane does currently use a secured site called Constant Contact to stored email addresses ONLY and does generally send 4-6 emails to this approved list of email recipients per year.  It is NOT a shared list and only she has access to it.   No name or other info is tied to your email address.  You can unsubscribe the list at any time by texting 410-440-5338 and asking to be removed or using the link on the email.  She does use a Virtual Assistant who has signed a confidentially agreement to input the data.

Phone Numbers. Phone numbers are used for giving out information about her services or processing appointments unless the client has confirmed and then no-showed an appointment without apology or explanation then it will be used to block the person from blocking future services, as explained during her booking process.  Once blocked even if KC is contacted via a non text format, KC will not respond as she rarely blocks anyone and only for disrespecting her in some way intentionally during the appointment reconfirmation or delivery process.  If you repay her lost revenue from reconfirming and then no showing an appointment, she will unblock you.  To date since she started charging in 2014 nobody has come forward with the integrity to pay for a no-show.

Facebook.  If you friend KC Lane, she does hide her friends and followers list.  She could change this status to public without notice but has no plans to do so at this time.  KC currently does not have any other social medium due to being hacked and impersonated and lack of time.

If you use her FB to post about your or any other person’s competitor type services or solicit her friend’s or followers, the info will be deleted and you will be blocked.  KC has spent years building her page.  Others need to do the same.  It is very impolite and unprofessional to piggyback into other people’s pages in this manner.

Text Messages.  Text messages are used to track appointments but are discarded once the appointment is completed.  Generally within 7 days or requests for information which did not result in an appointment are deleted after a follow up text.

Payment Data.  All debit credit card payment data is entered directly into SQUARE or PayPal via KC Lane’s secure IPHONE if you do not elect an emailed electronic invoice for card processing.  The data is not recorded nor does anyone have historical access to it once encrypted and processed by the SQUARE or PayPal app.

Reviews.  If you negatively review KC you give up your right to privacy as KC will need to state facts about you and your session or event to rebuttal the review if necessary and as appropriate.  Although rarely necessary, as KC has only received a handful of negative reviews out of thousands of sessions since 2006.  And generally by individuals she refused to read for valid reasons and they retaliated with negative false reviews and sometimes even engaged their ‘friends’ to post negative reviews, even though she never met or read for these people in many and most cases.

There are data services you can engage as a business owner to pay to remove negative reviews (or click farms to generate false LIKE counts) but KC Lane believes these services are unethical and will not engage their services.  So be cautious of businesses without any negative reviews because as hard as you try, you can’t please everyone all of the time.  And be cautious of businesses with too many LIKES on Facebook and no venue to rate services.   And also realize they are still laws against lying about someone in writing.  And karmic ramifications.

You agree to these terms when you book an appointment, or event with KC or even inquirer about her services

What information does KC Lane want to know about the person you are hoping to contact in advance of a Medium Reading?


Please do not provide details in advance of the reading other than data needed to process the appointment.  Particularly about loved ones on the other side.

KC Lane will ask for validation as the connections are established.   And you must be open to whomever wants to connect in during the reading or Your Guides send through with any Medium.

Do I need to prepay for a session?

Yes except for In Person Single Sessions.   Otherwise via Self Payment options of Zelle ,Venmo, CashApp, PayPal ApplePay or an emailed electronic invoice where you enter your card data.

Single session in person are paid in person, but all sessions must be reconfirmed 48 to 72 hours out from the session date/time when the reconfirmation reminder notice is received in order to secure your spot.  It is the client’s responsibility to notify KC Lane if the contact information used to book the session, normally a cell number, has changed.  Otherwise your session date time will be re-booked.  KC Lane will attempt to notify you if you your contact data is current via phone and text before doing so.

Since KC Lane feels the high level old soul energy work she performs would only resonate with client’s who are considerate of her time and self employment status, she no longer reschedules clients who reconfirm sessions and no-show unless they repay her for lost income, (or pay the late reschedule fee) or fail to reconfirm or let her know they no longer want the session time by 9am the day prior to the day of your session even if reconfirmed to allow rebooking time. Or other agreed upon timeline.

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?

Psychics look into your future in an attempt to predict outcomes in key areas of your life. Mediums connect to your loved ones who have left the earth dimension. All mediums are also psychic, whether they chose to use the ability or not.  KC is both and offers both types of services.

Why should I get a reading?

KC Lane believes readings are entertaining, enlightening and sometimes emotionally healing  However never force another person to have a reading who is uncomfortable with the process.  And never let a reading dictate your life decisions.

How often should I get a psychic future reading?

Whenever you feel you need one.  Mediumship please see guidelines.

Should I bring a check list from my prior psychic future reading and review it at my next reading?

Not if you ever want another reading with the psychic.  Most psychics would find this behavior very controlling and distractive and an indication the client is not understanding although in my case I believe i am 80% accurate in predictions, it is explained in advance to all new clients on my time that predictions shift and change based on free will, God’s will, lack of action and other factors, the psychic skewing data etc.  No outcomes are caste in concrete. It is also an indication the client is not making their own decisions and relying too heavily on psychic input.  Psychics can’t and won’t make your decisions for you.  But if they have been in business successfully a long time with good ratings this is fairly good indication of a pretty good track record of accuracy.  No psychic is every more than 90% accurate consistently.  I generally decline future readings with clients who sit there with a check list rating me on my last reading outcomes while I am trying to conduct their current reading.

Can I book a Session for a friend?

KC Lane does not book through third parties meaning she must have the cell number on file of the person having the session for a one on one session or the primary designate for two back to back private sessions. This data is needed to ensure all confirmations and critical reconfirmation notices are received by the party having the session. KC also needs the ability to contact the person if needed to reschedule last minute due to weather related issues or a rare personal emergency. Or a need to move the appointment time slightly. Or other time sensitive data.   But you can purchase a gift certificate for them!!

How should I prepare?

Just ask your loved ones to meet you at the session in your own thoughts for a medium reading.  For a psychic reading, please think though your goals.  Love, Money (Career, Business Guidance) Moving, Children – Having them or looking their futures, Resolving disconnections with family members or friends, Resolving citizenship issues, Educational pathway guidance.

What makes KC Lane different from the other mediums and psychics in the field?

Most mediums charge at least $350 an hour and above up to $1200 an hour for their services, as the rules of supply and demand does apply. Mediumship is a rare ability. There seem to be only a handful of mediums in all of Baltimore. KC Lane strives to keep her overhead and rates low so she can reach more clients. She holds herself too very high standards of ethics and integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and always strives to provide amazing results by providing unique details about your loved ones she could not possibly know without using her natural abilities. She has professionally trained as a medium with several top mediums in the field today. She uses the analytical skills she was both born with and honed working in the technical field over 30 years to understand and interrupt the inter-dimensional data she liaisons on a daily basis. Her client base has been built upon client referrals since 2006 and she now works full time in this field since 2014.

What is a reading like with KC Lane?

Please see KC Lane’s Document “What to Expect During a Reading”.

Are there topics KC Lane will not address during a reading?


  1. KC Lane is not medically trained and will not discuss health issues. Maryland law also precludes her as a psychic from addressing medical issues. All medical issues including mental health issues should be addressed by a trained medical professional.
  2. She also does not know and will not discuss when a soul might be transitioning off the earth.
  3. Or accuse anyone of a crime using psychic data as it is not an infallible process. (80% accurate on average
  4. Or handle psychic gambling predictions
  5. She may or may not handle a third party question – situational
  6. All readings in The State of Maryland are considered for Entertainment Purposes Only.  No outcomes are guaranteed.  But KC considers herself 80% accurate or more.

Does KC Lane remove curses?

No. KC Lane does not believe in curses and encourages anyone reading this information to NOT engage in any paid services with any psychic who claims to be able to remove them.  Or claims they can make someone love you with paid ‘spells’.  Alleged ‘Spellcasters’.  RUN if they start asking you for more money than the session cost.

Does KC Lane believes in God?

Yes, very much so. KC Lane was raised in a very strict religious Catholic background. Although these days she considers herself more spiritual than aligned to any particular religion, she actually feels she was called by God to perform this soul healing work on the earth. She voluntarily stepped away from a high paying corporate career to devote herself to helping others heal from grief. KC Lane believes at times mediumship (although not a substitute for grief counseling) can be used to provide evidence of our soul’s being immortal, happy, and healthy in another dimension when we transition of the earth plane. This information seems to be very healing at right time.  KC Lane encourages those not comfortable with the process to NOT get a reading.  Or those who do not believe in the eternity of the soul.  She is a Light Worker called by God to perform special soul healing work on Earth, who has performed many acts of charity on Earth to help others and will continue to do so as long as she is here as she believes ‘Faith without works is dead’.

Does KC Lane believe in past lives?

Yes, very much so. Although it will not impact your reading, KC Lane does view the earth dimension as a learning place for the soul to learn and grow and believes this process is repeated many times often times with the same soul group in order to perfect our souls. Many times past life connections are revealed during private readings especially love relationship soul mates.

Does KC Lane record her sessions for the client?

No but please feel free to use your own recording device.  Please show up prepared knowing how to record with room on your device, and with your device charged.

For phone sessions, you will need to download an app such as Call Recorder or other similar software and practice using it in advance of the session.

For Zoom Video, recording permission is granted but your own environment might prevent you from recording.

For FaceTime or Skype please investigate your own recording options prior to your session.  There are UTube videos easy to follow on how to record Facetime.

All recording is for your own personal usage only.

Can someone sit in on my private session and is there a fee?

No.  No paid observers only allowed if they also booked a session back to back, you arrive together and they approve your presence in the session room.

Effective February 1 2020 – when in person is available and wait area open

  1. ONLY IF the person is also getting a paid private session booked back to back,
  2. the other person having a back to back session approves their attendance
  3. AND their behavior and energy is not distracting KC Lane.

Otherwise they are welcome to wait in the wait area NOT OUTSIDE IN A VEHICLE PLEASE assuming they are 18 or older, not impaired, respectful and weight less than 450 lbs.

Is KC Lane a Tarot Reader?

Yes, KC Lane knows how to read Tarot but prefers to use a variety of life path cards when performing a psychic life path reading.

Does KC Lane know how to turn on and off her ability?


What forms of payment does KC Lane accept?

For private sessions in person cash, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, debit and credit card, ApplePay or PayPal.   All non cash payments are subject to a processing fee currently $10 for in person reading purchases.

For group events, cash only accepted the day of the event.

Is tipping expected?

No, but it is always appreciated as it is in any personal services industry position if you feel inspired to do so.

What age should you be to have or book a reading?

You must be 18 or older.  16 or older to attend a group mediumship event.  Or a back to back 50 Minute In person is allowed for a minor with a non minor in the room.

Why is KC Lane stricter about clock time with 30 minute sessions and not running the clock over?

It is not fair to the clients who pay her for 50 minutes.  And her schedule is booked accordingly.  A 30 minute session is a good format if you only want either a psychic or a medium reading but not both goals.  Please book 50.

Does KC Lane offer ADA accommodations at her Parkville session room?

No because the same services that work just as effectively are offered to you from the comfort of your home. Please book via phone or virtual if unable to climb a flight of steps without assitance or sit comfortably in a regular size chair (rated to hold 450 lbs).  If hearing impaired, the lowest rate for a private session will be charged or phone rate.

Can you see my child’s life path information when doing a reading?

Yes, KC Lane can read a child’s life path information for a parent or legal guardian. This is a fun and popular topic during a psychic reading! Just ask to include.  MMDDYYYY is needed.  One child per reading please.

What records does KC Lane keep or share about a client?

None other than IRS required tax payer information regarding the payment amount received as state and federal tax is owed or if you previously NO SHOWED or failed to give the courtesy to reconfirm your appointment your contact data is on file and you will not be permitted to re-book unless you pay for loss of revenue from the NO Show/Late Cancel on a case by case basis or were otherwise not a good fit for her services or disrespectful.  See FAQ Data Privacy Policy.

Does KC Lane conduct paranormal investigations?

Although KC Lane spent many years as a medium on a paranormal research team, she no longer has the time to pursue paranormal investigations.  She does however use those skills to quickly identify and remove negative energy from people’s homes or businesses with her business as part of her Energy Clearing Services.  See Services Tab.  There is a fee.

Does KC Lane cleanse energy in private homes?

Yes.  She and her twin soul (mediumistic) husband Brian work in tandem to cleanse negative energy from private residences with some bounders.  See Services Listing for more info and current pricing.  She offers both Remote and OnSite Services.

What is the hardest question KC gets asks as a Psychic?

Assisting a client who completely lacks career direction, hasn’t achieved much success yet in any career and is frequently unemployed, is unable to articulate their strengths and passions, hasn’t completed any educational degrees and has unrealistic expectations of a psychic determining a ‘dream job’ solution that requires few hours of work each week to create immediate wealth (over 100k per year) is the hardest question to answer.

And KC is usually given 15 minutes and paid under $100 (out of a 30 minute reading) to come up with this solution.  This type of question should be directed to a Life Coach.  It requires many hours of analysis and discovery by a professional to handle and a structured game plan to follow.  I am very good at evaluating known choices just not the total blank paper answers later in life especially if the client lacks desire to retool their skill sets and desires minimal work hours.

Most people aren’t born to hardwired old soul paths unless born to be a teacher, healer, warrior, professional artist (rare) or spiritual leader.  In my opinion.  So you plug and play your skills.  I am excellent at using numerology and your Chakra Soul Type to help you determine your strengths.  But you need to assist in the process.

Not that epiphanies sometimes do not occur during a reading to give you guidance but be prepared to also engage a Life Coach if that does not happen. And if you still feel ‘lost’ in how to make money without working hard for it or needing to answer to some type of ‘boss’ because everyone answers to someone even if self employed (your clients).  Or properly educating yourself.  Sadly unless you were born (or married) wealthy and connected in life, the next option to independence financially is generally hard work.  And education.

Will KC Lane travel to my home to deliver my session?

Unfortunately time and energy would not allow KC Lane to travel to each client’s home for less than  a specific number of attendees and usually no further than 15 miles from Parkville Baltimore County Maryland.  KC does offer still group Mediumship travel services.  Ask for details 8 to 12 ppl.  Restricted travel area.

I see where other sometime local mediums declare themselves public figures. Why hasn’t KC Lane?

KC doesn’t feel she’s that important.  Or known.  And keeps a low profile.  BUT is working on a few books about her industry and developing card decks.

Current COVID Policy April 2022

KC Lane is vaccinated.  She cannot read in a mask however and shuts down in person sessions when Baltimore County where she lives and works dictates masking requirements.  Otherwise masks optional to clients.  She does have a germ killing UV system in the session room and one in the main air duct system.  And uses COVID cleaning supplies between clients.  If you are feeling ill the day of your session or had COVID exposure or COVID within 14 days of your session please ask to reschedule if in person.

Can you read two people at the same time?

There are several options on attending a reading together. The only time I can read two people together simultaneously is if you book the private one hour mediumship messages from loved ones only gallery for two (or up to 4 people in person 8 on Zoom). Another option to consider is booking a private one-on-one two 50 readings back to back, which will not be just messages from loved ones but includes mediumship.

A one-on-one reading starts with building energy through life path cards, numerology, progresses to some messages from loved ones and then can include some psychic predictions in your future.

It depends on what your goal are for the session in terms of the best fit. If your main goal is to reach loved ones, you should probably consider splitting the cost of booking a one hour messages from loved ones gallery. If your goal is looking at your life path, some messages from loved ones, and or looking at your future than a private reading is probably a better option with an observer.

Please note, it’s very rare that the same love one can come back through in a second session back to back in a one on one session. They rarely have the energy. So it’s your choice.