What information does KC Lane want to know about the person you are hoping to contact?

None. Please do not provide details in advance of the reading. KC Lane will ask for validation as the connections are established. Your loved ones are limited to speaking in unique data fragments and the less KC Lane knows, the more compelling she believes your reading will be.

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?

Psychics look into your future in an attempt to predict outcomes in key areas of your life. Mediums connect to your loved ones who have left the earth dimension. All mediums are also psychic, whether they chose to use the ability or not.

Why should I get a reading?

KC Lane believes readings are entertaining, enlightening and sometimes emotionally healing.

How often should I get a reading?

Whenever you feel you need one.

How long should I give a loved one who transitioned off the earth before trying to connect to them?

Usually 3 months but please go with your own instincts. Many people seek one within days of a loved one’s departure. The easiest time usually to reach a loved one is the first three years off the earth dimension.

How should I prepare?

Just ask your loved ones to meet you at the session in your own thoughts.

What makes KC Lane different from the other mediums and psychics in the field?

Most mediums charge at least $100 an hour and above up to $900 an hour for their services, as the rules of supply and demand does apply. Mediumship is a rare ability. There seem to be only a handful of mediums in all of Baltimore. KC Lane strives to keep her overhead and rates low so she can reach more clients. She holds herself too very high standards of ethics and integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and always strives to provide amazing results by providing unique details about your loved ones she could not possibly know without using her natural abilities. She has professionally trained as a medium with a top medium in the field today. She uses the analytical skills she was both born with and honed working in the technical field over 30 years to understand and interrupt the inter-dimensional data she liaisons on a daily basis. Her client base has been built upon client referrals since 2006 and she now works full time in this field since 2014.

What is a reading like with KC Lane?

Please see KC Lane’s Document “What to Expect During a Reading”.

Are there topics KC Lane will not address during a reading?

Yes. KC Lane is not medically trained and will not discuss health issues. Maryland law also precludes her as a psychic from addressing medical issues. All medical issues including mental health issues should be addressed by a trained medical professional. She also does not know and will not discuss when a soul might be transitioning off the earth. Or accuse anyone of a crime using psychic data.

Does KC Lane remove curses?

No. KC Lane does not believe in curses and encourages anyone reading this information to NOT engage in any paid services with any psychic who claims to be able to remove them.

Does KC Lane believes in God?

Yes, very much so. KC Lane was raised in a very strict religious background. Although these days she considers herself more spiritual than aligned to any particular religion, she actually feels she was called by God to perform this soul healing work on the earth. She voluntarily stepped away from a high paying corporate career to devote herself to helping others heal from grief. KC Lane believes at times mediumship (although not a substitute for grief counseling) can be used to provide evidence of our souls being immortal, happy, and healthy in another dimension when we transition of the earth plane. This information seems to be very healing at right time.

Does KC Lane believe in past lives?

Yes, very much so. Although it will not impact your reading, KC Lane does view the earth dimension as a learning place for the soul to learn and grow and believes this process is repeated many times often times with the same soul group in order to perfect our souls. Many times past life connections are revealed during private readings especially love relationship soul mates.

Does KC Lane record her sessions for the client?

No but please feel free to use your own recording device.

Can someone sit in on my private session and is there a fee?

Yes one supportive observer can sit in on your session for a fee of $20.

Is KC Lane a Tarot Reader?

No, KC Lane knows how to read Tarot but prefers to use a variety of life path cards when performing a psychic life path reading.

Does KC Lane know how to turn on and off her ability?


Do phone sessions work as well as in person sessions?

Yes! Phone sessions sometimes work even better than in person sessions as conducting sessions take an inordinate amount of mental energy. Without an audience observing her actions, KC Lane can and will often close her eyes and concentrate completely on the internal information she receives to deliver readings. FYI Most people in this field can only work 5 hours a day (and must make their living in a five hour period of time) due to the amount of intensive mental energy needed to deliver a reading.

How long should I wait after a loved one transitions off the earth to try to contact them?

Although no connection is guaranteed, 95% of the time assuming a strong bond of love and thought exists with your loved one they will communicate during the session regardless of how long they have been gone off the earth.

What forms of payment does KC Lane accept?

For Individual or Couples Readings accepted payment methods include cash, check payable to KC Lane, debit and credit card subject to a $5 processing fee for non-phone reading purchases, ApplePay or PayPal to 410-440-5538 or electronic invoice payment for gift certificates. For group events, cash or check payable to KC Lane are accepted the day of the event.

Is tipping expected?

No, but it is always appreciated as it is in any personal services industry position if you feel inspired to do so.

What age should you be to have a reading?

It varies based on the person but the general rule is age 15 and all guardian parents need to approve the minor having the reading.

Why is KC Lane stricter about clock time with 30 minute sessions and not running the clock over?

It is not fair to the clients who pay her for 50 minutes.

What information does KC Lane want regarding your loved one before starting a session?

NONE! KC Lane prefers to work cold and intuitively. She will however ask you to validate the information as it being received to ensure she is on the right track. If you are a repeat client please also know KC Lane will rarely retain any information from a previous session. She does not keep any records of previous sessions.

Can two people be read at the same time during a private reading?

No. Only if KC Lane is conducting a Small Messages from Loved One’s Gallery. Otherwise each person would need to book an individual session. However, you can sit in on each other’s session if you both booked a session and the other person approves your attendance or you pay the $20 observer fee and your attendance is also approved by the person being read.

Does KC Lane offer ADA accommodations at her Parkville session room?

No. Please book via phone if unable to climb a flight of steps, or sit comfortably in a regular size chair (rated to over lbs).

Can you see my child’s life path information when doing a reading?

Yes, KC Lane can read a child’s life path information for a parent or legal guardian. This is a fun and popular topic during a psychic reading! Just ask to include.

What records does KC Lane keep about a client?

None other than IRS required tax payer information.

Does KC Lane conduct paranormal investigations, or cleanse energy in private homes?

Although KC Lane spent many years as a medium on a paranormal research team, she no longer has the time to pursue paranormal investigations. She also does not offer house clearings.

Will KC Lane travel to my home to deliver my session?

Unfortunately time and energy would not allow KC Lane to travel to each client’s home. You can set up a group event at your home.

Can you read two people at the same time?

There are several options on attending a reading together. The only time I can read two people together simultaneously is if you book the private one hour mediumship messages from loved ones only gallery for two (or up to five people). Another option to consider is booking a private one-on-one 30 or 50 readings back to back, which will not be just messages from loved ones but includes mediumship. A one-on-one reading starts with building energy through life path cards, numerology, progresses to some messages from loved ones and then can include some psychic predictions in your future. You are allowed one observer over the age of 18. It depends on what your goal are for the session in terms of the best fit. If your main goal is to reach loved ones, you should probably consider splitting the cost of booking a one hour messages from loved ones gallery. If your goal is looking at your life path, some messages from loved ones, and or looking at your future than a private reading is probably a better option with an observer. Please note, it’s very rare that the same love one can come back through in a second session back to back in a one on one session. They rarely have the energy. So it’s your choice.