House & Negative Energy Clearings Now Available

Due to demand, my husband and I are expanding our house clearings and energy clearings. We will be offering this service around my days off  and within a certain radius from our home in Parkville, Baltimore County, MD.  A travel fee applies after 15 miles or more than 60 total minutes of travel, if we agree to the travel.

The typical client is/may be:

  • Buying a new home and wants to have the energy checked before they invest in the property to ensure it’s not ‘haunted’.
  • Actively experiencing negative feelings from a previous occupant of the house. This previous occupant usually died in the house after living there a long period of time prior and the new resident would like an energy clearing for the space.
  • Feeling negative energy in their home and wants a house clearing.
  • Wanting a general energy sprucing up

How House Clearings Work

House clearings take approximately 45 to 60 minutes on average. The average travel time for us is usually 60 minutes of time. While we’re there, we walk the property and identify the issues, usually providing identifiable names. Sometimes KC Lane’s son (former US Marine now studying energy work) will also attend as an understudy.  We identify areas with particularly negative energy. I work as a medium with Brian to connect with the earth bound soul(s) and request them to move on. We seal the house in light, use special sage and clearing spray on the entire home and seal it with God’s light and protect it with Angles. Then, we give further instructions to the client about how to keep the energy in the house clear. There is no guarantee that the process works or that it might not need to be repeated. However, we’ve never had any cases of energy clearings needing to be repeated.  One follow up text will be responded to if needed for the initial cost.  Additional text support would be a fee of $25 per text pre-paid by credit or debit, ApplePay or PayPal (rare anyone needs to follow up but need boundaries).

The intro cost is $175 per visit up to 60 minutes onsite and 60 minutes travel for the two of us which is usually 15 miles from our home in Parkville. Each additional 15 minutes is $45. We so far have never been on-site more than one hour.

Additional travel fees can be negotiated if needed.

If interested please schedule through text: 410-440-5538.

Please note, This service is currently offered on a very limited basis around KC Lane’s psychic medium reading schedule availability. It is not intended to be a paranormal type investigation although KC Lane is a former professionally trained investigative paranormal medium. Nor to remove negative energy from people who feel they are ‘possessed’.  KC Lane does not believe in energy attachments to people FYI and strongly discourages anyone from engaging in services with persons who want to charge you (usually large sums of) money to supposedly remove energy attachments, and prey upon your fears.  Research thoroughly and proceed with extreme caution!  Seek mental health counseling first.

KC Lane performs these services and donates the funds to help a disabled friend and to help clients.  She does not profit financially from the service, but does need to charge for her time as she needs to shut down her own business to go off-site to perform the service.  She reserves the right to refuse any case she feels unable or uncomfortable handling.