Although born a medium and psychic traceable to her mother’s great aunt who was a renowned medium and psychic in Ireland, KC Lane began her journey of using her medium abilities professionally after she suffered the loss of her second husband in a tragic road rage event in 2006 300 ft from the home they had shared for 16 years. Her second husband’s frequent visits to her after he left the earth dimension helped her heal from her grief and also helped her develop her abilities further.  She now uses those abilities to help others heal from their grief.

She holds herself to very high standards of ethics and integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and always strives to provide amazing results by providing unique details about and from your loved ones she could not possibly know without using her natural abilities.

KC Lane will deliver messages from Guides and Angels during life path psychic readings but does not consider messages from Guides and Angels mediumship. When performing mediumship, she strives to provide unique and identifiable data about your loved ones to you as proof of their soul’s continued existence. She uses the analytical skills she was both born with and honed working in the technical field over 30+ years to understand and interpret the inter-dimensional data she liaisons on a daily basis. She is also a master numerologist.  She is in the process of writing a book about her journey. She has also trained with several top mediums.  She is also a psychic.  And an animal communicator.  She offers services via phone, in person or virtually.

She volunteered (after being sought out – they even upped the age limit to include her) to be part of a scientific study funded by NIH and conducted by The University of Maryland and Yale University to study people with mediumistic and psychic abilities to help cure mental illness.  And further under people with her abilities.

She has been featured on NPR and other radio podcasts. She has been on TV.  And other major media.  She is working on writing a book and designing her own psychic reading card deck.  She also designs magic energy pyramids and hopes to market all of them soon.

Her confidential client base of thousands has been built upon client referrals since 2006 although more and more clients are finding her online due to her excellent ratings and she now works full time publicly in this field since 2014.

She believes in giving back, particularly being born into a financially limited family and takes on several corporate charitable causes including Organ Donation Awareness, the MedStar Transplant Institute and the Baltimore Helping Up Mission.

She is currently remarried to her third husband Brian since 2016, a musician and sound engineer. Brian works with her on Energy House Clearings.

She has numerous fresh water fish as pets, a dog named Daisy and loves gardening in her rare time off.  She also enjoys staying physically fit via weight lifting and swimming.