Brian Canoles, my twin soul and husband, is continuing to do wonderfully after his April 11, 2017 liver transplant to treat his liver cancer, thank God. And thank you all for your continued prayers and support. On April 11 each year, KC Lane Enterprises will donate all proceeds from all readings or group events to the Georgetown University transplant program. KC Lane Enterprises will continue to support ongoing Organ donation Awareness. July will be organ donation awareness month with five dollars from all 50 minute phone or in person readings being donated to support organ donation awareness. I am also trying to raise awareness with each group and each session I conduct. I assure you when you get on the other side you have a beautiful healthy young strong body. You will not need any of the organs you are leaving behind. Thank you and I hope you consider organ donation to help bring a miracle into someone else’s life one day. Also, please feel free to donate directly to Donate Life Maryland US 501c3 charitable organization.

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