Helping You Plan for Your Future Through Life Path Readings

Find the answers you’ve been seeking with help from KC Lane, Medium and Psychic. KC offers in-depth life path and psychic readings. She is also a medium and will use her mediumship abilities during a private session, if desired. No outcome is guaranteed but her track record of connecting to loved ones who you still think of often and share a strong bond of love with across dimensions is 99%.

Psychic Readings In Person Near Baltimore or Over the Phone Worldwide

For your convenience, KC conducts personalized, individual readings in person or over the phone. Phone sessions sometimes work even better than in person sessions as conducting sessions takes an inordinate amount of mental energy. Without an audience observing her actions, KC Lane can and will often close her eyes and concentrate completely on the internal information she receives to deliver readings. With a phone session, you can relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a drink or a cigarette if desired. And there is no need to travel.

  • 30 Minute $70 Returning Client Rate only.  New clients need to book at a 50 minute rate to start for their first session.
  • 50 Minutes $120 New Client.
  • Up to 10 Minutes of set up time is included free of charge for a new client.
  • Repeat clients receive $10 off a 50 minute or $10 off a 30 minute Private Individual Sessions Only, phone or in person.
  • KC Lane works out of Parkville, near Baltimore, Maryland, hosted locations around the region, and via phone, Sykpe, or FaceTime for people throughout the country and world.
  • One non-impaired observer is over the age of 18 and under the weight of 450 lbs is allowed in the session room for a charge of $30 for all sessions booked July 1 2018  forward. Weight restrictions are needed because the chairs KC Lane uses will not hold weight above 450 lbs. Please note, the observer should be supportive to the process. KC Lane reserves the right to ask any observer she feels is detracting the energy of the session to wait in her wait area. When you invite an observer into the session, their energy and connections can sometimes come through in your mediumship connections.  Also, once a person has paid to be an observer they are entitled to the $10 returning client discount if they book their own session.
  • Otherwise, please feel free to record and share your session with others later.  Please come prepared to your session knowing how to record if would like to record it. Or to use a phone recording app if the session is being conducted via phone.
  • KC Lane will not address health questions, predict anyone’s death or accuse anyone of a crime based on psychic data.  All other topics are allowed.

How to Book a Private Reading

You must be age 18 or older.  There are several methods to book an individual reading. KC Lane can be reached by completing a contact form. Please only include your first name on the form. Also, KC Lane can be reached via text or call to (410) 440-5538. Text is preferred as to not receive too much information from a client before a reading.

KC Lane will send you her availability to review for booking your appointment. All requests are handled on a first come first serve basis. She books individual sessions 6 days a week from 10am to last session to start at 7:30pm EST via text messaging.  She is closed on Wednesdays and every other Friday.  If you do not use text messaging, she will use email or phone.

What to Expect During a Private Psychic Reading

For more information on what to expect during a private psychic medium reading, download the comprehensive PDF or watch KC Lane’s video.

Download the PDF