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KC Lane does not want specific details please regarding any loved ones your are trying to reach, if applicable, as she prefers to read ‘cold’. KC Lane will reach out via Text Message to arrange your reading.

KC Lane Enterprises, INC.

Parkville, Carney, Baltimore County, Maryland

By appointment only.   Please Submit a Contact Form to start the booking process or get more info for any service any time of the day or night although all services and pricing are provided within this website as well.   

PRICING is listed on the SERVICES tab.   Click the Purple Button below to be taken to the Services Pricing Pages.


**Please DO NOT specify specific loved ones (even gender inferences please) you are trying to reach IF you are asking for a mediumship reading, as KC will need to decline your reading regardless of the format you use to submit the request or if third parties offer the data on your behalf.   FYI The website will usually strip off the data if you accidently enter it in the optional reference field.  

A Medium can not be given info in advance, as you need to open to the outcome of the session although it generally works out based on 14,000 readings since 2006 and her 5 Star Ratings.  But the Medium nor the Client controls who comes through in a session.  Including your last name has the same effect.  It is not needed at any time during the appointment process.  Just your cell number and first name please.  Thank you for your understanding of the process which I understand might be new to you.  

This contact form will text KC Lane and  **she will respond via text messaging with availability and other applicable info daily between the hours of 8am and 6pm eastern.   KC Lane controls her own schedule due to the complex nature of the variety of group and individual products she offers, and other factors.

In Person Sessions.  Offered conveniently on the weekends as the highest price point product.  Masks optional.  Individual Private Psychic And Or Medium LIfe Path Sessions (KC’s most popular product) are available at a 50 minute increment only.  *No 30 minute sessions in person have been offered in person since 2019 but KC does offer 30 minute phone (lowest price point) or virtual formats (mid tier).   All equally as effective!  Please click the Pricing button for more detail on products and pricing.    

KC also offer small groups in person 2-4 ppl at KC Lane’s location for a private mediumship group!  (Also available on Zoom).  Or potential travel mediumship groups to your location.  

You must be 18 years of age or older to book or attend a reading, animal communication, past life regression, Reiki Session, order a House Clearing or group event.  KC Lane does not book through third parties but does sell gift certificates for most services. 

KC Lane is a one person operation by choice but generally will generally respond between 8am to 6pm eastern daily within:

  1. Texts — 24 hours to a text. After 3 days if you do not respond to the no obligation text, your text will be deleted per KC Lane’s data privacy policy.  No further attempt to contact you be made unless you desire and (re-)initiate it.  Your contact data will not be used for any other purpose without your permission.  **KC Lane apologies but she no longer has the bandwidth being a one person shop to respond to improperly completed mediumship requests.  If you filled out your request erroneously disclosing loved one specific info and your request was deleted accordingly when received by KC Lane and you did not receive a text response back, please wait 30 days and resubmit if desired without the loved one information.  Thank you!
  2. Phone Calls Voice Mails — You will receive a text message to start a text conversation.  Only text communication is used for information responses.  All appointments are processed via text messaging.
  3. SALES SOLICITATIONS or other messages not related to potential client informational requests or potential booking of services of any type – no response will be given.  In fact, should you paste a long sales or other non client type message into the text area, it will be cut off after so many characters or treated as spam and held by the server.
  4. Harassment. Filing false support tickets is a form of harassment or other abusive behavior can and will be traced and reported to the appropriate authorities.   It is not legal to harass anyone regardless of their profession.


KC will only use your cell phone number for appointment handling purposes and does not share any of your personal data with anyone except in harassment cases.  Nor your session content. See FAQ Data Privacy Policy for more detail.


Home Office Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm eastern Admin Responses Only

Monday Tuesday and Friday : Closed for Readings/ Admin Only Appointment Handling Etc.

Wednesday: 2pm to 7pm Eastern Readings

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am to 7pm Eastern Readings.


Closed Christmas, Easter, July 4th Thanksgiving for readings and appointments.  KC Lane does take off other day’s but does not publicly post them .  Typically Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays 12 days per year.