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KC Lane does not want specific details please regarding any loved ones your are trying to reach, if applicable, as she prefers to read ‘cold’. KC Lane will reach out via Text Message to arrange your reading.

KC Lane Enterprises, INC.

Baltimore, Maryland
Text:(410) 440-5538

By appointment only.

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Responses will be sent or appointments booked via text messaging.

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Please feel free to generate them any time of day or night.   *Or leave a detailed *voice mail’ only if you are not text enabled.

Optionally only enter a very brief message in the optional description area of the contact form.   And please do not list loved ones you are trying to reach for mediumship services.  Thank you!

You must be 18 years of age or older to book or attend a reading, animal communication, past life regression, Reiki Session, order a House Clearing or group event.

KC Lane is a one person operation by choice but generally will generally respond between 8am to 6pm eastern daily within:

  1. 24 hours to a text
  2. *Up to a week to return a phone call – assuming you put my number in your contact list.  Client’s desiring to book only via *phone and not text enabled will need to pay an additional $25 fee for the additional administrative time to book, confirm and reconfirm their sessions via phone calls.  
  3. SALES SOLICITATIONS or other messages not related to potential client informational requests or potential booking of services of any type – no response will be given.  In fact, should you paste a long sales or other non client type message into the text area, it will be cut off after so many characters or treated as spam and held by the server.
  4. Harassment. Filing false support tickets is a form of harassment or other abusive behavior can and will be traced and reported to the appropriate authorities.   It is not legal to harass anyone regardless of their profession.


KC will only use your cell phone number for appointment handling purposes and does not share any of your personal data with anyone except in harassment cases.  Nor your session content. See FAQ Data Privacy Policy for more detail.


Home Office Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm eastern Admin Responses Only

Monday and Friday : Closed for Readings/ Admin Only Appointment Handling Etc.

Tuesday Wednesday: 2pm to 7pm Eastern Readings

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am to 6pm Eastern Readings.


Closed Christmas, Easter, July 4th Thanksgiving for readings and appointments.  KC Lane does take off other day’s but does not publicly post them .  Typically Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays 12 days per year.