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KC Lane does not want specific details please regarding any loved ones your are trying to reach, if applicable, as she prefers to read ‘cold’. KC Lane will reach out via Text Message to arrange your reading.

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Parkville, Carney, Baltimore County, Maryland

How to Get More Info on Services Including Availability.   Please Submit a Contact Form to start the booking process or get more info for any service any time of the day or night.   This contact form will text KC Lane and  **she will respond via text messaging with availability and other applicable info daily between the hours of 8am and 6pm eastern.   KC Lane controls her own schedule due to the complex nature of the variety of group and individual products she offers, and other factors.  After 3 days of non response, the request is deleted and you can start a new one if desired.  

PRICING is listed on the SERVICES tab.   Click the Purple Button below to be taken to the Services Pricing Pages and can also be text messaged to you.


**Please DO NOT specify specific loved ones (even gender inferences please) you are trying to reach IF you are asking for a mediumship reading, as KC will need to decline your reading regardless of the format you use to submit the request or if third parties offer the data on your behalf.  KC Lane also reserves the right to decline (although rarely needs to do so) any reading if she feels she is not a good fit to your needs or the timing isn’t right for the reading.  

To Mediumship Clients.  How long should I wait to get a reading after a close loved one has left the Earth Dimension?  Non Child Usually a few months.   *Loss of Child 12 Months +. 

A Medium can not be given info in advance, as you need to open to the outcome of the session although it generally works out 80%  based on over 16,000 readings since 2006 and her 5 Star Ratings IF

  1. YOU HAD A BOND OF LOVE WITH THE PERSON – Family, Friend, Love Relationship
  4. And the timing is right.  See below. 

But the Medium nor the Client controls exactly who comes through in a session that meets that criteria.  How long they stay.  What they want to communicate.  How well they communicate because it varies widely.

Is it time?  If not, kindly wait until you are more ready and then book your session.  

  1. If you are not yet in the Acceptance Stage of Grief of the Loss and feel anger still over the loss, it is not time.
  2. If you cannot be open and satisfied with whomever comes through to you during a Reading or not, it is not time.  Up to and including trying to give the Medium info they repeated asked you not to give them to try to control outcome.  
  3. If you are obsessing on one outcome and attempting to control to that outcome and will be unhappy hearing from other loved ones, it is not time.
  4. If you are not fully functional from grief and depression, it is not time.
  5. If the loss occurred less than 3 months ago, please give them time to settle.  It is not usually time. 
  6. *If the loss is child and less than a year has past, if it not time in my opinion.  Other close losses a few months. 

*Special Note To Parents Who Have Lost a Child OR Third Parties Considering Booking a Session with or for them.   First of all, KC Lane is deeply sorry for your loss and extends heartfelt condolences to you and your loved ones. This is the hardest loss of all and requires the help of professionally trained mental health professionals to navigate, especially the first year.  No Medium can cure your grief no matter how good the reading or Medium unfortunately.  Please wait at least a year and after you have had professional grief counseling before seeking the services of a Medium.  Please allow yourself some time to heal.  A private one on one reading is suggested for this type of loss.  Or the presence of other family members only. And other well meaning friends and loved ones, please do not ever push a parent into a reading because you had a great experience especially if it wasn’t the same type of loss.  

Other Info 

You must be 18 years of age or older to book or attend a one on one psychic medium reading, past life regression, Reiki Session, order a House Clearing or group event.  Age 16 and above can attend group mediumship events.  KC Lane does not book through third parties but does sell gift certificates for most services. 

KC Lane is a one person operation by choice but generally will generally respond between 8am to 6pm eastern daily to:

  1. Texts — Expect a response to valid requests properly submitted requests within 24 hours to a text.  Sales solicitations.  No response.
  2. Phone Calls to Voice Mails —  KC does not ever have time to answer her phone directly due to a variety of factors.  All appointments are processed via text messaging.  If there is a custom component to your request after successfully setting up thousands of appointments via text, a brief phone call will be scheduled but only after a text consultation.  If you do not use text messaging, KC is probably not a good fit to your needs and no response will probably be received.
  3. Harassment. Filing false support tickets is a form of harassment or other abusive behavior can and will be traced and reported to the appropriate authorities.   It is not legal to harass anyone regardless of their profession.

Home Office Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm eastern Admin Responses Only

Wednesday: 2pm to 7pm Eastern Readings

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am to 7pm Eastern Readings.


Closed New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving for readings and appointments.

The State of Maryland considers all readings entertainment only although KC Lane takes what she does very seriously.