October 11, 2022
 Recently on my beloved Baltimore 98 Rock, the asst producer Joe 30 something who lives in the Parkville Baltimore County Area where I live and work out of my beautiful home offices visited a PSYCHIC only.  NOT a Psychic Medium like me.   And recounted his horrific experience on the radio with a Parkville Psychic!!                                     And they also, to make matters worse – added it to their podcast that will replay for probably the next year.
He would not name the woman because he said he didn’t want ruin her business BUT I wish he had because I think many people could if they didn’t know me hear some of the initial vague identification data and THINK it might be me.  And I feel he has ruined mine to some extent.
So I want to set the record straight to whomever might at least read my social media or website blog.  If you want to try to figure out who is talking about, please just google psychics in Parkville and you can probably narrow it down pretty quickly there are only a few 3 . Just FYI one of them has something I’ve never seen before indicating the reviews that are out there are fake reviews giving them 50 Five Stars.. I didn’t even know you could do fake reviews.   It would never even occur to me but anyway here’s the rest of the sorted story…
He describes the woman as being in the Parkville Carney area. CHECK.  And having blond hair.  CHECK.  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.   CHECK!  THAT IS OUR ONLY COMMONALITY!!!    BUT SADLY THAT’S A ENOUGHT TO CONFUSE SOME PEOPLE.
He goes on to describe the place as a store front psychic shop.  I work out of my private residence in Carney Cub Hill.  NO PSYCHIC SIGNAGE.
His appointment was noon on a Friday.  I do not see clients in person other than weekends.  Virtual or phone Wednesdays and Thursdays and weekends.  I do not work doing readings on Fridays.  I never have a start time at noon.
He describes her as his age group.  30s early.   I am 64.  Attractive.  I won’t comment. but wouldn’t think a 30 yr old would not say this about me.
He said the place smelled of cigarette smoke.  My home and home offices smoke free.  Nobody has ever smoked here.
And she offers PALM READINGS.  I do not!!!  Or a regular traditional tarot only reading.  I DO NOT.  I use custom askaskic life path record life path path cards numerology soul aura readings and my own custom spreads .   And she offered some other service I can’t remember at a higher price. Some type of energy service $125 or something?
AND SHE HAD HIM WRITE HIS FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME ON A PAPER DURING A READING AND GIVE IT TO HER!  Why?  I have a clue.  My website only collects first names.  I NEVER ASK FOR FULLS NAMES.  I actually beg people not to give me their name people.  See my other blog.
Anyway he picked a $50 Tarot Reading.  She does the reading quickly then gives him a crystal and then at the ends demands $200!!!   I DO NOT SELL CRYSTALS!! OR ANY ADD ON TRADE UP SERVICES DURING A READING.
He refused to pay the extra charge by the way.    He paid by debit credit card and later had his credit card misused!!!  In my world The client usually self pays with their own payment method.  I rarely handle their payment data.  And I NEVER ADD ON CHARGES!!!  I have never even had a charge back or refund request.  I have an A1 rating with all my payment processors over 16 years.. I was actually a bank officer 20 years of my life bonded to handle millions of dollars.
THIS WAS NOT ME!   BUT PLEASE USE CAUTION in this industry .  I can’t speak for all of the store front psychics in my area.  I am just recounting this experience.   I have said before I have had clients come to me after the fact where these situations turned into requests for thousands of dollars to allegedly fix different energy things in the client’s life.
My point is THIS WASN’T ME IF YOU HEARD THIS ON THE RADIO RECENTLY.  I even have an ethics and integrity and data privacy statement on my website I strictly follow.   I truly wish he would’ve named the person because this is definitely had an impact on my new business clientele.   The executive producer also had a reading done and disgusted. I had never heard of this type of reading but it involved using an app only, paying a $40 minimum getting a one Tarot card reading From what I could determine. Misha the producer was happy with the results and did not Have an issue with giving out the name of the company or the reader. But I don’t know why he would not need this person I really wish you would have. But you can do your own research.