October 12, 2022

I truly need some help understanding something. When you get a reading with A Medium as I’ve said repeatedly on my website, In my sales literature, on my website- whenever you decide to get a reading you have to be open to whatever option happens.  And any valid Medium will ask you not to give them information upfront.

There is an excerpt below from a top top top medium in the industry from their booking website page stating –

PLEASE  don’t give information about who you’re trying to contact when booking an appointment to my staff.

They have staff to insulate themselves from theses messages.   I don’t.

They get seven times what I get for a reading And can afford a staff..I can’t. (And occasionally people complain about my rates😊 which are very reasonable in this industry where Mediumship is a one in a million ability).

This Medium was influential to me going into this industry as a young child actually I was so fascinated watching them read a ‘cold’ TV audience accurately and how healing it was I wanted to be a Medium as Reading cold as I try to do is the true test of any medium.

But anyway. The portal where potential clients Submit their requests to me on the contact form on the thebaltimoremedium.com website States about five times not to give me information about your loved ones if you want a mediumship reading And why.

And yet I’m flabbergasted that I still get 3 to 5 requests a week from clients who are insisting on giving me the information that I insist on asking them NOT to give me.  You’re actually making things harder on your loved ones and on the Medium when you blurt out information.  And it makes the Medium feel you do not have confidence in their abilities.

So the question I am asking is – why do potential clients or clients in session before being given data to validate want to Give a medium specific data upfront about a loved one they’re trying to reach when the medium is telling them not to do so repeatedly?   Sometimes they even have a third-party try to give you the information because they know you won’t accept it directly.

This issue honestly is the biggest problem I have in my business model today.  It didn’t used to be an issue. People would follow instructions and not proceed with giving me the data. But in the last two years I’ve noticed that increasingly more people will not follow instructions on any level.

And then if I rebuttal and try to explain that I can’t process the request due to them breaking the rule, they get argumentative.

So now I have a policy where I just delete the request and ask it to be resubmitted properly in 30 days if desired as explained on the website.

But I always feel badly when I have to delete a request.

However the one time I broke the rule and proceeded with the reading for a client who gave me too much information upfront, and I repeatedly explained during the new client overview to the client you can’t dictate who comes through and even though the client heard from the person they asked for they didn’t feel like they got enough time or info with that person in the reading (but others came through they also requested – someone always comes through although no guarantees on who or how long they stay or how well they communicate as the Medium is just the Conduit and Translator) they bashed me out on every review site they could find.

Which I didn’t feel was fair to me so that’s why I’m no longer taking these requests.

You can’t dictate who comes through from the other side.   Nor can I.  All of it is a gift in my opinion.  Or how long they stay. Or what they communicate or how strongly they communicate etc.  A Higher power controls the other side.  And access to it.  I’m flabbergasted.–