January 22, 2021

I never dreamed I would be up the other night 3 o’clock in the morning January 20 2021 throwing holy water around the basement apartment Wednesday. But Brian and I had the oddest experience, even by my standards. I woke up first around 3 AM. I was laying there semi-awake staring at the ceiling. Brian was laying next to me. And he said the fact that you’re awake is keeping me awake – I am so tied to your energy. Why are you awake this time of the night? And I said there’s a spirit here that woke me up. He said how do you know? And I said because I’m a medium and I feel it – there’s someone here. At first he didn’t believe me. So he pulls the blanket up over his head. We’re both laying there trying to get back to sleep as we have to be at an early am doctor appointment. Then something tugs the blanket off his face 2 inches. Neither one of us moved. We both felt the tug. Freaked us both out. He said I believe you now – who is it? So I tuned in and I said I guess it’s your mother and I think she doesn’t like that you’re sleeping with the blanket over your face so pull it down. So he did. And we’re laying there trying to get back to sleep. And I had moved a bowl with a fork in it and set it on the dish washer in the kitchen. We are sleeping in an efficiency apartment. There’s no walls between anything other than his music studio and the bathroom and closets. And about 20 minutes later we wake up to hear the sound of somebody clinking the fork around and around in the bowl. Freaked both of us out again. By now I realize this is not just his mother. It’s some male energy here as well and perhaps his mother is here trying to protect us. But I’ve never had such blatant activity occurring in this house. And I’m not into earthbound ghosts disrupting my sleep Or invading my home. So Brian said it’s your turn to get rid of it. He just had hand surgery so I handle it. You know he and I do this for service Energy Property Clearing for others. The money goes to an anonymous friend in need – an act of charity. Anyway I get up. I get the holy water from Lords and the sage spray and I start doing my thing clearing space calling in the Angels, filling the house with the white light of God. When done I have the entire house crammed full of Angels. Took me about a half an hour to push whoever it was out of the house into the cold but what a really freaky experience! We could feel The entity pull the blanket off his face. We both heard the fork clinking around and around in the bowl several times. There was no human rational explanation for what happened. So we’re going be more careful protecting our space coming forward.. We don’t know how It got in here but we did get rid of it.. So the moral is — when your wife The Medium says there’s a ghost spirit in the house – believe her lol.