October 8, 2020
I promised to update everybody about the last part of the study of psychics and mediums through NIH, Yale and the University of Maryland I completed last week.  First of all, I’m deeply honored that they actually upped the age limit so that I could participate. They heavily solicited me to be part of the study for 18 months as my Mother was very ill at the time and then transitioned. And I was very hesitant because of the MRI portions of the study and my Claustrophobia. None of this was easy for me.
And I don’t typically disclose this but I had an immediate family member when I was growing up in a mental institution that I frequently had to go visit with my father Thursdays and Saturdays actually – as the CSN song says.
So going out to Shepard Pratt twice a week back then to see them and going to this Spring Grove Mental institution place was difficult on that level as well.  Bad memories and be honest the vibes there are very weird. I don’t know how anyone works there. I commend the people who work there. I couldn’t do it. I’m too empathetic and sensitive to energy. It would take me days to come down off the energy of the place. Numerous salt baths. But anyway I am a closer fanatic. I did get the ball over the finish line. I spent 3 1/2 hours in an MRI tube with a five minute break in between.
The first part was the longest part where they did some sort of crazy hearing test showing me this checkerboard pattern and then I had to indicate if I heard this kind of growling or voice noise and how loudly I heard it or not heard it. Then I had a small break.  Then I was put back in the tube and the last part was actually fun. It was three playing cards.  You had to pick the winning card. You won points or you didn’t win points or they subtracted them if you picked the losing card.    I was really good at this one. And I didn’t know it ahead of time but they also gave you bonus points that they added money on to the stipend you were paid for the study.
I’m glad they saved the best for last because I actually could’ve stayed in that tube all day playing that game. It was a lot of fun. And I won a lot more than I lost. And I think I ended up making $12.50 at the end for my 12,500 points I earned.   And came away wanting to go to a casino lol!
But I was glad when I finally left there for the last time. I don’t know if they’ll tell me any of the results of the study. They have a very polite way of ignoring your questions if they don’t want to answer you. They’re very polite but they just don’t respond. So I asked if I get to know any of the results and I’ve gotten no response but if I get one I’ll let all of you know. So I may never know if they find my brain different from the control group. But I gave them the data they requested and hopefully it helps them with the mental illness things they are studying and trying to cure. And that’s why I did it. To try to help cure a mental illness.  As I said it runs in my immediate family (including suicidal) and many other peoples families unfortunately.
And because I worked for 18 years for the Premier global computer-based testing company in the world, every single test they gave me while I was taking it I couldn’t help trying to reverse engineer the data and figure out what they were trying to derive from the test they were giving me. What were the psychometricians trying to gain from the test data construction?  I suspect I might never know.–