September 8, 2020

From time to time I will share interesting validations from people on the other side. I have permission to share this set of circumstances. In fact I know Timmy the person on the other side is very anxious for me to share his repeated contact from the other side to here.

I very rarely remember readings but the client I was reading a female in her 40s has reminded me of details and encouraged me to share them with my followers. Because it’s such a fascinating set of validations. And it illustrates how our loved ones I believe can manipulate energy here on Earth (making songs come on the radio, rainbows appears, birds following you around, lights flashing on and off etc) and sometimes come through in a friend’s reading if you aren’t receptive.

Her husband is not a believer. And apparently sadly he lost his brother in a motorcycle accident within the last few years. His brother’s name is Timmy. I did not know any of this going into a reading with a mutual friend of his/theirs last year, as I encourage clients to not give me advance info regarding their Loved Ones. Besides that, you really never know who will show up.

So Timmy sent a message saying he wanted to speak to the brother during the mutual friend’s reading. Sometimes they interlope (as I call it) but the brother wasn’t receptive to getting a reading. However his wife did set up a reading with me When the message was passed along by a mutual friend to the two of them.

Apparently Timmy came through in her reading (and the friend’s reading) although I don’t remember it. The wife didn’t tell me why she wanted a reading as I don’t want info unless I ask about validation of loved ones but Timmy jumped right in on his motorcycle and gave her many messages to again give to the brother. The nonbeliever.. That reading was March 2020.

The interesting thing was that at the end of the reading he said he was going to send the song The Midnight Rider as a sign of his presence and validation of the reading. She related all of this info to the brother, the nonbeliever, after the reading. Then she got up in the morning, turned on the radio to The Acoustic Café which she listens to all the time and according to her they never play The Midnight Rider song. BUT on this particular morning immediately on comes the song The Midnight Rider.

She’s so excited she texts me and lets me know what happened. And informs her husband. And he is still not impressed…He still will not believe it is Timmy. And will not set up a reading as Timmy is trying to encourage.

I intended to post this out on Facebook and the website when it happened but got busy and just never got around to it when it happened.

So the other weird thing was the other night in August 2020 I was laying in bed just thinking about the events of the upcoming week and then in pops to my thoughts of posting about The Midnight Rider reading out on Facebook and the website for some reason. I didn’t post it the next day because we were handling the dog’s transition but I wrote it on my weekly To Do List. I so wish I had because here it what happened next…

So when I resumed readings two days later. I get on the phone with the next scheduled client and I asked her the usual returning client set up questions – when was the last time I read for you (as I don’t remember people or keep records other than no shows basically) and she says oh you’ll remember me when I say a couple words to you.
With that comment she says ‘the midnight rider’.

And I couldn’t believe!! Here was this client on my reading schedule Again after the midnight Rider song coming in my head and thinking of posting about it. Months later. So strongly. And I would posted it have except for the dog.

And of course Timmy showed up again on his motorcycle with more messages to his brother. Hopefully his brother will get a reading Someday!