April 20, 2020

Normally I do not get involved in missing persons cases Unless my Guides tell me to Involve myself. This woman left me a frantic voicemail about a week ago. I happened to be off a few days. I had time on my hands, more than normal. And I’ll be honest – I was missing doing readings.

So I agreed to try to help. I normally wouldn’t have time or energy to involve myself. I would just refer to a missing person’s Psychic. It’s not generally my forte. I’m not good with missing objects or people. Something about this woman’s plea for help drew me into wanting to help them.

So I called the women back the next day. I found out she was trying to help her mother in law, who only speaks Spanish. So I ended up in this 3 way conversation with her as the interpreter. All I knew from the vmail was the Spanish speaking woman’s much younger husband (30 yrs old) was missing. The woman had contacted psychic after psychic and had been told horrible things about him being tortured and murdered but nothing brought closure and she was charged large sums of money but still had no closure that he was on or off the Earth. That’s what they were asking from me. As a medium. A simple task the daugher in law explains. Is he ‘alive’ or ‘dead’?

So I explain back, that’s not really a simple task. A medium/psychic can confuse at times connecting to the energy of the person on earth with someone off the earth, as in the famous Sylvia Browne missing person’s case debacle. No psychic or medium is 100% correct 100% of the time. It’s impossible. There’s too much data subject to interpretation by the Medium/Psychic. But I agreed to give her what I got. And so I began the connections. And by the way, the daughter in law who called me frantically for help told me she was not a believer in any psychic medium stuff. But just trying to help the Mother In Law who had been traumatized by the other psychics and left with no closure and did believe in them.

The story is very complex but the 30 yr old missing male was from another country and had to leave the US. And was trying to return illegally when he disappeared. That’s all I knew.

So I tune and ask did they last hear from him in November of last year. Because I said, I feel whatever happened to him happened in November. The woman begrudgingly says Yes. November 16. Ironically the day my mother ‘died’.

So then I asked both of them to send thought energy to him and ask him to come to me from The Other Side with something very specific to prove it is him (same as I ask of all the people connecting from The Other Side – unique data as a former data analyst). Next I laid down on my sofa and shut my eyes (a luxury I do not have during normal readings) and told them to give me 5 minutes to turn in with him or not.

Then I asked the D named male to give me something specific to prove it was him and that he was now on the Other Side. So he holds up his hand and shows me a missing finger. Excellent validation if that’s true! How many people do you know missing their index fingers?

And in thousands of readings, I have only had missing fingers be the correct validation one other time. So to me as a medium, very unique. And by the way another weird connection to my family, my sister is missing 3 fingers from a horrific car accident, including her index.

Then I ask the skeptical DIL if the male was missing his finger and she says Yes. And I said, well then I feel as certain as I can feel sadly he has left the Earth although I could be wrong. I don’t claim be infallible. And I said I do not feel he was murdered and tortured though as the other psychics described,he describes his transition as from a heart lung issue natural causes. The people helping to smuggle him back into this country panicked and buried him when he died in their care. Where she’s asks? Can you give more even convincing info. No I said I can’t but does this make any sense. Again somewhat begrudgingly she says it does because even though he was 30 he had heart and lung issues and had been in the hospital twice very ill with them prior to his deportation and then disappearance. I had to end there. I did ask her if any of other psychics or mediums picked up the one unique thing she admits they would describe about him, the missing finger, and she said no.

I hope it brought closure. She didn’t really thank me. I didn’t charge them. But since the male in question also shared a BD with a family member of mine, and I felt all these connections to my family I know I was meant to help his family. (I even have connections to the country where he disappeared. When my son was growing up he and I used to sponsor children through children’s international in that country). I didn’t really need any thanks from them. They have been through a lot. I just hope it helps bring closure. I know what it is to lack closure. I doubt they ever find the body although I did refer them to a psychic who specializes in missing persons cases in case they want to continue further. Someone reputable.

I just wish all the fake psychics and mediums out there operating out of greed and ego issues would get out this field. They do so much harm. I would not want to be them karmicly.