November 25, 2019

Here’s a very funny validation from a reading this week about a family dog!. The names of course are withheld. All readings are confidential.

I was reading for young woman in her 30s who sadly had lost her Mother at this young age. Her Mother came through very strong and with clear and unique messages for her and the family throughout the session, as usual.

But the one unique validation during the session that day that really got my attention related to a family dog. The dog is still on the earth plane. Dogs show up in readings all the time FYI but this message has a twist.

The mother was telling me using the symbolic language we speak in from the other dimension the family dog liked chewing gum.

I have never ever heard of a dog who likes chewing gum but am trained to give what I get during the reading, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.

I admit I did feel a little out there asking if there was a connection to a family dog and chewing gum and was quite delighted to find out the answer was surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly after 6000 readings)’Yes’!.

Apparently the Mother use to chew a stick of gum and then put the gum in her lips in the front of her mouth. The dog would very gently take the gum and I assume chew it. I have met dogs via readings who like to drink beer but this is my first gum chewing dog.

I found this validation both heart warming and amazing and thought I would share. I hope it brightens your day, as it has mine! I hope, as always, the messages brought peace to the family and convinced them Mom is alive and well in another beautiful dimension of our soul’s existence.

Enjoy the day.

KC Lane