November 25, 2019

Here’s a cute unique validation. I was reading yesterday for a 47 year old female. Her father came through and did the usual validation (how he transitioned from Earth, how long ago, named shared loved ones, showed me what where he lives and the things he enjoys doing in that dimension). He was a very quick witted and intelligent man on earth and from what I can tell, our personalities remain intact. When new patterns happen after 6000 readings, I have learned to pay close attention. So the unusual part of this session is I had accurately picked up several names of loved ones shared between the client and the father during the session. Oddly I had not picked up his name or first letter at least of his name yet and wanted to give the daughter this standard validation. So I tune into him with my thoughts and asked him for his name or at least first letter if I didn’t have a symbol for the name he could send. But instead of just giving me the usual response of letter or name, he responds in thought transference (which is how this works for me) and says ‘it starts with a vowel’. Then he pauses and says ‘e’ for Ed. I phase it this way to the daughter trying to understand why he said it this way. Turns out Ed was obsessed with cross word puzzles and apparently still is lol. Both the daughter and I laughed over that one. Enjoy your day!