September 3, 2019

I had what I feel is an amazing validation during a recent reading of how our loved one’s, who have transitioned off the earth plane, are still viewing our lives on Earth. Please note, all readings are confidential so I will only share high level information regarding the reading.

Recently a male in his 60s transitioned off the earth suddenly leaving behind a beloved long term wife and daughter.

During a reading for the daughter all the usual validations came through (name energy, how the person transitioned, how long gone, information regarding their life on earth etc) and made sense to the daughter except one unique image of something I have never had sent as a validation in over 8000 sessions. FYI Most of the information I receive is in the format of images. Sometimes it is recurring symbols I am use to validating.

During the reading, the father keeps sending me an image of a bendable drinking straw, the type enclosed in paper used in restaurants. I don’t retain readings in detail unless reminded but I do recall asking the daughter if she knew what this meant as it was very strong image. However she was as puzzled as I was at time. I told her perhaps it would have future meaning and moved on with the reading.

A few weeks later her friend comes for a reading and updates me on what the mystery straw eventually meant during the reading. The daughter recorded her session, as most clients do via their cell phones.

When she played the session for her mother, it turns out the mother and her late father had a weekly routine of going to a local fast food place. He would get the napkins, straws and condiments while she ordered the food. At the exact time of the straw validation, she has purchased her food and went to sit down. Once she sat down, she realized she had forgotten her straw and had a little moment of breakdown we all experience with trigger points after the recent loss of her beloved love one. The straw had great meaning to her Mom.

The hard part of readings sometimes is trusting in what you get no matter how little sense it makes with the logical mind. You never know how even the smallest details can have great meaning to the client.

I am fascinated with this validation, as it occurred in real time during the reading indicating the father was with the mother and coming in during the session to the daughter.

Thanks for reading!