August 5, 2019

The Medium Being Read by a Medium (And He Knew/Picked Up I Was a Medium)

The Medium being read by a Medium (And the tv medium knew-picked up I was a Medium). I knew prior to attending the event July 28, 2019 that I was going to get a reading. Normally in a crowd of 200 people, probably 20 people are read. (I read everyone at my public group events limited to 30 attendees). I’ve attended other big events and I’ve never been read. I just enjoy watching big-name Mediums whom I feel are very talented read occasionally. it was 15 minutes long. I will post Brian’s separately. We were sitting in the back of the room. The medium had just read a woman in the front row also wearing a red top who lost a loved one in a vehicle event. Then he started heading our way. He asked me if that connected to me also and responded yes, my second husband transitioned in a road rage event. He then said Charles is here also along with your husband. Who is Charles? I responded. My father’s father (I never met him in this lifetime on earth). He said your father is here. And the woman with the E name who always had her nails done. I said that’s probably my mother Eileen who even at 91 had her nails done. Then he brought in Robert my first husband, and he said I sense you had a big disconnection with him for years. I said yes restraining orders he was very violent abusive. He said he is handing you a white rose and apologies and said he was from an abusive family. I said he should be apologizing. He said Robert looks after your son Robert trying to make things up to you. Then he says you are a medium and until 10 or 15 years ago you weren’t using it, you weren’t on the right path. Now you are. And Because you have no ego about what you do, seek no fortune or fame as most will but could, only to help people, you will always be looked after by The Universe. In 5 years you will publish books and be called upon to also to teach. Your money will improve. I thanked him. He moved back to Brian Canoles my husband. FYI I registered for the event under my real legal name not my stage name Kc Lane. And throughout the event Thomas John had a gold ball of light above his head. I assume that was his guide with him.
Appended a week a later. I am kind of off put by the amount of sales emails I am receiving without requesting for his services – Phone readings are 30 minutes almost $500 ($1000 an hour) over a year wait. 4 healing candles $124 etc, His team is very sales focused for certain.