February 6, 2018

I do enjoy it when a client takes the time to update me on the outcome of a psychic reading. Yesterday I showed up at a home of a long term client to conduct a group card reading. The client’s niece was holding a beautiful 8 week old baby boy. They reminded me (as I rarely retain readings) I had predicted his birth. His name is Lane. He is not named after me lol but I found it a beautiful coincidence. Below is feedback from another client. Enjoy!

“I had a reading with you in June and you said I would be relocating to another state in November. You told me it would be a good move for us. That things will go very well.

You also said I would put my house on the market in November and it would sell fast. You told me I would find a job with no problem.

We received word in November we are moving to another state. We put our house on the market and it sold in 7 days. A company contacted me in August about a position (before we knew our relocation date). I will be starting with them in Jan.

Thank you so much for a great reading and sharing your gift.”