February 4, 2018

I had a connection with a dog recently I would like to share coming through from the other side. I frequently connect to animals on the other side. However this dog was a stronger communicator than many the humans I have communicated with over the past 10 years. I still haven’t figured out why? But it’s an interesting story. As I explain to all new clients and groups, most of my ability is visual. I do not even believe you speak English once you are off the earth dimension. The language we use is more of a symbolic language the medium translates. Anyway, in this reading the dog came through after validating its presence on the other side first with an image of two people playing tennis. I’ve never had a dog send this detailed of an image before and the owner took from the image that the dog was trying to convey how it loved to have tennis balls in its mouth and chase them around when the dog was on earth. I actually have had dogs but they were never fetching dogs. I never gave them tennis balls so I didn’t derive the meaning on my own. Then the dog sent another very vivid image of an ear of corn. Out of thousands of hours of mediumship, no one has ever sent an image of an ear of corn LOL. I’ve learned over the years to really key in on the data anomalies. When I asked the owner/guardian of the dog if this very unique image also had relevance, she quickly replied yes and explained that her family owns a shore home. They grow corn at the shore home. And when the dog was on earth, they would frequently break off corn and throw it to the dog who used to love to catch it. The dog always ran around with corn in its mouth. I believe the dog was happy on the other side continuing enjoying catching tennis balls and fetching ears of corn, with the human loved ones who also showed up in her reading. And the dog was working hard to convince the owner of how happy it was on the other side, and also mentioned its visits to her here on earth. But that’s me and how I view the afterlife. I believe we get to continue to enjoy our many of our favorite past times from our Earth-life. And to be surrounded by the people and animals we love.