February 2, 2018

I was at a gallery at someone’s home recently. A gallery event, if you are not aware, is a group format of messages from your loved ones from the other side. In this case I was in the living room with seven people and had been giving out messages for over 80 minutes getting near the end of the event when a very odd occurrence happened and the other side made itself known in another way. I had to stand in front of the big screen tv due to space issues but the tv was and had been off when something happened that had never happened before. This entire group was connected by family by the way so the family connections were strong. When I read for groups, I attempt to read for each person FYI and I was connecting to the strong willed mother of three of attendees via the husband of the hostess when this happened. He started to bring up sensitive things from the past about her and his father that apparently she did not like because mid connection the big screen tv behind me flips on to a screen full of static and the volume starts increasing ! At first I thought one of the attendees turned it on because the event was nearing an end and I was a little annoyed they wouldn’t wait until I finished so I politely asked if they would turn it off until we finished. I will never forget all of the attendees staring wide eyed at me and saying KC we didn’t turn it on. Look behind you. So I did. All the remotes were behind me accordingly to them. Everyone in the house was sitting there. But they all agreed the mother definitely had a habit on Earth of turning up the TV and drowning people out talking if she didn’t like what they had to say! Apparently she didn’t like what her son was saying about him discovering recently after his mother had transitioned off the Earth that the man he thought was his father couldn’t be his father, based on blood type and DNA.