January 31, 2018

Mediumship is all about proof of life after life on earth. Here’s an interesting story about an atheist who came through recently during a reading.. An atheist for those that might not know does not believe in God or a soul or an afterlife. Recently I had a man and his wife come here for separate readings. The man was in his 60s and he told me he had been here before about two years ago and I had connected for him as a medium to other loved ones. Interestingly enough his wife told me she had originally met me five years ago and I had predicted their meeting even his name Paul but that’s not really the point of the story. The man decided to go first for his reading and he headed up the steps to the session room. As I was heading up the steps also something interesting happened that has never happened before in 11 years and thousands of readings. I hear this male voice in my head telepathically saying tell him Dave’s here over and over laughing. So I held onto the information and long story short we got to the reading and Paul indicated high-level goals of wanting to connect to a friend who had left the earth who was an atheist. The male client Paul indicated he wanted to know who won the long term 40 year argument they had had over whether he was right that there was a God, a soul and an afterlife or his friend? He would gage the victor of course on whether his friend now gone off the earth 18 months could come through and still existed. So I go through my normal process of opening up with The Guides and they give me the person wanting to connect as Dave. There were other validations also that connected to Dave’s life on earth. And I hoped this was the person and of course his friend’s name was Dave!! So the atheist was wrong. Paul was delighted to hear from Dave. Dave was eager to share the information with us both about the afterlife. Dave seemed very happy and contented on the other dimension as everyone seems to be on that level. And the amazing part is no one ever gets through when I’m not in the session opening up to connection. So that’s how strongly Dave wanted to communicate with this life long friend and let him know that he won the bet.  November 2020 There’s a sad update to this entry.  Paul transitioned off the Earth in 2020 suddenly and tragically and recently came through in a group reading to this wife very strongly.  I did not connect the Paul coming through during the group as this Paul until after the event when the wife updated me.  He is not the only client I have now read from the Other Side being in this business since 2006.  I am sure he has now met up with his friend.