October 5, 2021
Here’s a funny one from a little while ago. I hope I’m telling it correctly. If anyone in the family is reading, feel free to add corrections in the comment section. So I was reading for a female I think in her 30s several months ago and the first person that came through was her father. He validated other information to identify himself. And then – the unique data as I call it was – he pulled out one of those old style Flint cigarette lighters and he started flipping it opening then closing it over and over again. Clearly he wanted to highlight the lighter. It had an inscription on it but I couldn’t read it. (Sometimes Viewing images on the other side is challenging in granularity of detail because it’s as if I need my glasses but of course I can’t wear them over there when remote viewing to the other dimension during a reading).. So I explained this set of images to the daughter and she immediately started laughing. Then she explained her father always carried a similar lighter with him. On it was an
Inscription that said ‘Never let the idiots in life get you down’. It was his signature saying; credo in life. But yet there’s more! So after his transition, she and her sisters decided to go on a cruise and for whatever reason they were jumping up and down on the bed reenacting some childhood thing they enjoyed doing when out from underneath the cruise ship bed pops one of those old style flint lighters like their Dad carried! I mean what are the odds? So they took it as a sign that their father went on the cruise with them and I think they are exactly correct. Our loved ones love tagging along on vacations with us. He may have even mentioned going with them first. I don’t remember anymore. I should’ve written this down earlier but I saw this posting and it reminded me of that reading and I had to share. So remember – Never let the idiots in life get you down – laugh out loud. Wise words from any dimension.