RP Lane offers Kundalini Reiki sessions of 1.5 hrs at the rate of $80, Reiki is internal energy alignment of the Chakras and removal of blockages.

Combo Reiki Session followed by a Past Life Regression Session Special Limited Time Pricing $140!

Reiki healing sessions are focused on 3 things: Clearing chakra blockages and aligning them, directing healing energies to specific areas, and directing focused intentions for the client for specific goals. We will talk in depth about these objectives and work through them together. Think of it as a tune up and alignment for your body & soul! This is energy work, where l am a conduit for directing the healing energy that surrounds us, through you as well, creating a better flow, in many areas of your life. Combined Past Life Regression/Reiki sessions are available and recommended.

To schedule a session, contact RP Lane directly at 410-440-2559.

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The following COVID standards are currently in place:

  1. No wait area open.  Only office and client rest room only.
  2. All client areas are cleaned before and after with proper disinfectants.
  3. Germ killing system within heating air system of home office.
  4. Stand Alone UV germ killing system in the session room.
  5. Air is kept circulating within the office.
  6. Special essential oils purported to kill airborne viruses slowly diffused during your session.
  7. Germ killing hard gels readily available.
  8. Masking and distancing as needed.
  9. Only one client seen per day.  Max 5 per week.