Psychic Medium @ the Pratt: An Evening with KC Lane

KC Lane is not able to read in a mask and prefers to still be in social isolation due to her husband’s health issues.  Accordingly she regretfully is cancelling this event at this time.  KC hopes to reschedule next year when masking and social distancing requirements are over and the Pandemic is under control.

KC Lane will be discussing several books available at the Pratt that she recommends on mediumship. KC Lane will also share the story of her gift and engage several audience members in a demonstration of her work.

A note from KC Lane about her intent:
KC Lane is an aspiring author and is in the process of writing a book about her journey of becoming a Medium and how interdimensional communication works based on her 13,000 hours of experience in the field.
With integrity, professionalism and confidentiality KC Lane holds herself to very high standards of ethics, while seeking to provide amazing results.