Please try to join me, KC Lane, on video Zoom for a group charity reading. It’s $50 a person. April 12 the Monday after Easter starting at 6 PM Eastern. It will end when it ends based on the number of attendees and everyone getting a reading – estimated 830pm?

The attendance will be limited to a certain number of people to ensure everyone gets a reading. I held one last year also. The messages were amazing from Spirit!

This is my annual fundraiser for the MedSTAR Transplant institution to express our eternal gratitude for my husband’s life saving liver transplant in April 2017.  Please join if you can. You won’t be sorry. It will be a fascinating evening, I’m sure. Spirit really gets behind this one.

As always, all proceeds will be donated to the MedStar Transplant Institute to help those still in need of a life-saving organ transplant. To purchase tickets through EventBrite, please tap the link below.  Thanks!

  My husband and twin soul Brian.  Transplant recipient.

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